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Feb 16, 2022
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Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah: We Have Been Manufacturing Our Own Drones And Transforming Missiles Into Precision Missiles For Years; We Do Not Need Missile And Drone Shipments From Iran

#9371 | 02:21
Source: Online Platforms - "Spot Shot Online (Lebanon)"

Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah said in a February 16, 2022 address that was posted on Spot Shot (Lebanon) that Hizbullah has the technology and know-how to turn its missiles into precision missiles and to manufacture drones locally, without Iranian help and without the need to bring in missiles and drones from Iran. Nasrallah said that this renders "Israel's battle between wars" against weapons imports from Iran "futile." He also said that Hizbullah's missile arsenal is distributed throughout various locations in Lebanon, and Hizbullah will seize the opportunity of Israeli forces searching for their whereabouts in order to attack them, like it did in the 1997 "Ansariya Ambush," in which 12 Israeli commandos were killed.

Hassan Nasrallah: "We have smart people, technology experts, and specialists, and in collaboration with experts in the Islamic Republic [of Iran], we have obtained the capability to turn our thousands of missiles into precision missiles. We started this years ago, and have transformed a large number of our missiles into precision missiles.

"We do not need to bring [precision missiles] from Iran. So [Israel's] battle between wars is futile and has no results.


"Obviously, Israel is searching for the locations [of those missiles], but I would like to tell them that we usually do not put everything in one place. [The Quran says] 'disperse,' right? Disperse. The [missiles] are dispersed and they can search for them, as they do. They use collaborators. Now they started talking about drones, and they need to employ a larger number of collaborators.

"The main issue at hand is their search for the locations. With regard to the drones and so on, it is the same thing. Let them search for the locations. They search and search, and inshallah we are lying in wait, with the help of Allah, the wisdom of our fighters, the stupidity of the enemy, and the blessing of your supplications, there will be a second 'Ansariya Ambush' [of Israeli commandos by Hizbullah in 1997]. Inshallah.


"Today - and this is no secret to Israel, but I want you to be happy too - just like we obtained the technological capability to turn our missiles into precision missiles, we started, a long time ago, to manufacture drones in Lebanon. Whoever wants to buy [drones] should place an offer. We do not need to bring [drones] from Iran. So the [Israeli] battle between wars [to prevent the transfer of these capabilities from Iran] is worthless."

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