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Feb 07, 2024
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Hizbullah MP Hassan Ezzeldine: America Is Behind Every War In The World; Hizbullah Members Are Lebanese Citizens And Can Live Wherever They Want – No One Can Tell Them To Move North Of The Litani River

#10887 | 01:46
Source: NBN TV (Lebanon)

Hizbullah MP Hassan Ezzeldine said in a February 7, 2024 show on NBN TV (Lebanon) that America is behind every war in the world. He said that Hizbullah and its Radwan Force are part of Lebanese society, and they can live wherever they want in Lebanon, including on the border with Israel. Ezzeldine added that no one in the world can tell them to move north of the Litani River, in accordance with U.N. Security Council Resolution 1701. He said that the Radwan Force members are also residents of south Lebanon and no one can tell them to move out of their villages.

Hizbullah MP Hassan Ezzeldine: "Who is this American envoy who pretends to be..."

Interviewer: "The master of the world..."

Ezzeldine: "The defender of 'world peace and security,' while perpetrating more criminal and more heinous acts than the enemy itself? In my view, those responsible for everything that has happened to the Palestinian people since the beginning of the Nakba and to this day... In fact, not just the Palestinians – the whole world... The Americans are behind each and every war in the world – if they are not completely responsible for it, they play a major role in it.


"Hizbullah is Lebanese. It is part of the Lebanese fabric. It consists of Lebanese citizens. Nobody in the world can tell these Lebanese citizens [to move north of the Litani River]. As parts of their human rights, they have the right to live where they want."

Interviewer: "They are locals [in south Lebanon]..."

Ezzeldine: "Exactly, they are locals. They own that land, they live in their villages on the line of confrontation, and will not pay the price for the Israeli aggression."

Interviewer: "The [Israelis] talk about the Radwan Force..."

Ezzeldine: "Right. They are from among the people of those villages, they live there, and nobody in the world has the right to tell them that they are not allowed to live in their villages."

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