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Nov 26, 2023
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Hizbullah's Al-Manar TV Reports From Onboard The Hijacked Galaxy Leader – A Commercial Ship Seized By Yemeni-Houthis: Any Israeli Ship Sailing In The Red Sea Will Be Hauled To Yemen's Shore

#10677 | 02:25
Source: Al-Manar TV (Lebanon)

Al-Manar TV (Hizbullah-Lebanon) aired a news report on November 26, 2023 from the Galaxy Leader, a commercial ship which was hijacked by Yemeni-Houthi forces, who claimed it was an Israeli ship. Al-Manar TV's correspondent boarded the ship and spoke to the Yemeni citizens who had boarded the ship to celebrate the hijacking. The citizens chanted: "Allah Akbar! Death to America! Death to Israel! Curses upon the Jews! Victory to Islam!" Yemeni Navy Captain Shawqi Qabati said that any Israeli ship sailing in the Red Sea will be hauled to the Yemeni shore. The Galaxy Leader was sailing under a Bahama flag and is owned by Ray Shipping, an Israeli-owned shipping company.

Reporter: "On board this military speedboat of the Yemeni naval forces, I and Al-Manar's camera are on our way to the Israeli ship Galaxy Leader, which is held off the Yemeni coast, in support of Gaza and Palestine."

Shawqi Qabati: "The [seizing] of Galaxy Leader constitutes a victory for the Yemeni naval forces and the Yemeni Coast Guard, as well as a morale boost to the Palestinian resistance and people."

Reporter: "While we were inspecting the Israeli Galaxy Leader, we met many citizens who came from the various governorates of Yemen to see the ship and perform a prostration of gratitude to Allah on board, sending their messages to the Israeli enemy."

Yemeni citizen: "We fear neither America nor Israel. We trample their boats and warships underfoot. Allah willing, we will punish all their naval forces, and we will burn and sink them, in support of our brothers in Palestine."

Reporter: "Regarding the way to deal with the Israeli threats against Yemen, in light of the seizure of this ship – as part of the Al-Aqsa Flood war – the Yemeni navy says the following:"

Qabati: "We are determined to haul this ship, the Galaxy Leader, to the Yemeni shore. Any Israeli ship in the Red Sea – be it a cargo ship, a military ship, or an auxiliary ship of the Zionist forces – will be hauled immediately to the Yemeni shore. We stand with the Palestinian people and resistance."

Reporter: "From here, off the Yemeni coast, in Yemeni territorial waters, and aboard the Israeli ship, Yemen and the Yemenis are sending their reverberating message – as Palestinian banners flutter above their heads – from the Bab El-Mandeb Strait to Umm Al-Rashrash [Eilat], Jerusalem, and the Al-Aqsa Mosque:"

Crowd: "Allah Akbar! Death to America! Death to Israel! Curses upon the Jews! Victory to Islam! We need your call, oh Al-Aqsa Mosque! We need your call, oh Al-Aqsa Mosque!"

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