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Jun 09, 2022
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Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah: Israel Cannot Protect Drilling Boat At Karish Gas Field; Greek Company Will Be Responsible For Harm Done To Boat And Crew; Clash Might Threaten Israel's Very Existence

#9620 | 04:02
Source: The Internet - "Spot Shot Online (Lebanon)"

In a June 9, 2022 address, Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah spoke about the arrival of a floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) ship belonging to the Greek company Energean Power at the Karish natural gas reservoir. He said that the planned drilling at the gas field should be prevented, and that all the warships, submarines, and naval defense systems that Israel has deployed to defend the gas extraction operations would not be enough to defend the FPSO boat. He said that Israel has more to lose than Lebanon in a potential war, and that if Israel opts for this "act of stupidity", there will be "consequences" that will affect its very existence. In addition, Nasrallah said that the owners and management of Energean Power are accomplices in this "attack" against Lebanon and must withdraw their FPSO ship immediately. The video of his speech was uploaded to the Spot Shot YouTube channel.

Hassan Nasrallah: "We need to prevent the enemy from starting its planned drilling at the Karish gas field. I would like to add, as an aside, that it is not important where the [FPSO] boat is anchored. People in Lebanon began saying that it is anchored south of Line 29. Others are saying that it crossed Line 29 northward. People started bickering about this, mainly [criticizing] the resistance. This is not a question of where the boat [anchors]. It does not really need to anchor south of Line 29 — sorry, I mean of the Lebanese side... To avoid talking about north and south... The important thing is anchoring near the Karish gas field. Karish is one joint gas field.

"Even if there is a line crossing it, it is an imaginary line. Underwater, on the sea floor, where they dig, it is one field. Whether you drill from this side or from that side, what you extract is [the thing that is] under dispute. It does not belong to you alone, if it rightly belongs to [Israel] at all — we believe that Israel has no rights there. We believe that this oil and gas belongs to the Palestinian people.



"I say it loud and clear so that the Lebanese people, as well as the enemy, hear this: You have heard Israel saying that it has submarines, warships, and the naval version of the Iron Dome, which it brought close to northern Palestine... You heard them say that they are ready to confront any possible danger. I am telling you that all the measures taken by the enemy will not be able to protect that Greek FPSO boat, and the drilling operations at the Karish gas field.



"When they talk about war and make war threats, the enemy leaders know that Israel has much more to lose than Lebanon in any such war. They know this. In detail. I can even assert that if they opt for such an act of stupidity, the consequences will not be just of strategic scope for this plundering, temporary entity. The consequences will affect its very existence.



"The owners and management of the Greek company should know that they are accomplices to the current attack against Lebanon. This has ramifications. This company must withdraw its boat quickly. Immediately. It should not implicate itself in this attack and provocation against Lebanon. This company, its owners, and its management, who decided to send the boat to this disputed area, and to perpetuate this act of aggression... They will have to bear, from now on, full responsibility for whatever happens to this boat and its crew."

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