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Jan 05, 2024
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Hizbullah Founder Subhi Al-Tufayli: Egypt Is Besieging Gaza, Starving Its Children; Al-Sisi The Filthy Zionist Should Fall, The Thieving Criminal Egyptian Generals Should Be Put In Cages; The Piece Of Filth King Abdullah Of Jordan Should Be Put On Trial

#10791 | 01:48
Source: Online Platforms - "Al-Tufayli on YouTube"

Hizbullah founder Subhi Al-Tufayli, said, in a January 5, 2024, sermon, which was uploaded to his YouTube channel, that Egypt is besieging Gaza and starving the children there. He continued to say that the "filthy Zionist" Al-Sisi should fall, and that the "thieving Zionist criminal lowlifes" – referring to the generals of the Egyptian army -- should be put in cages and stand trial. Al-Tufayli continued to beseech Allah to curse the "English regime ruling Jordan," which is protecting and defending the Zionists. He added that "the piece of filth" -- referring to King Abdullah -- should stand trial.

Subhi Al-Tufayli: "Today, it is Egypt that is besieging Gaza and starving its children. It is Egypt that is preventing water and bread from the children of Gaza. I am being clear. The Egyptian army…That filthy Zionist, Al-Sisi, should fall. That army…I'm not talking about the helpless regular soldiers. Those generals should be put in cages and stand just trial. The Egyptian should place those thieving, Zionist, criminal lowlifes on trial. They robbed the Egyptian people and they are serving Egypt's enemies.

"May Allah curse the English regime ruling Jordan. That regime started a war against [people smuggling weapons into the West Bank]. It is protecting the Zionists. It is defending them. It is killing Jordanians and others. It is killing Palestinians. This regime has started a criminal war in order to defend the Zionists. Oh, Jordanians, why is this thief [King Abdullah] still among you? That piece of filth should stand trial."


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