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Feb 24, 2017
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Theodor Herzl Kidnaps His Father, Locks him in Dungeon, and Details a Plot to Transfer Jews to Palestine (Excerpt from Turkish TV Series "Sultan Abdülhamid")

#6035 | 04:01
Source: TRT TV (Turkey)

The Turkish TV series "Sultan Abdülhamid" focuses on the last Ottoman ruler and his efforts to thwart a seemingly endless line of plots and schemes masterminded by Zionist leader Herzl and a group of multinational co-conspirators. In the first episode of the series, aired on February 24, the viewers learn that Herzl has kidnapped his father. Jakob Herzl – according to the series, the real author of the book "The Jewish State" – no longer supports his son's designs. Thus, he finds himself shackled to a field bed in his Vienna basement-turned-dungeon. The menorah-lit basement is also used by Theodor for religious prayers and rites. Herzl reveals his plan to divert the Hijaz railway to transport European Jews to Palestine in a conversation with his abducted father. At the end of the segment, Jakob Herzl manages to escape. The series has been airing weekly on the Turkish TRT TV channel.



“Theodor Herzl”: "Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, your soul, and your might."


Father, today I have made the first step towards realizing my dream. Obviously, this is not only my dream, but the dream of all our Jewish brothers. They too shall have a homeland. They shall reach the blessed lands of Jerusalem, the surging waters of the Nile, and the awe-inspiring gentleness of the Euphrates. The Messiah shall come and rebuild the Temple of Solomon, father. I have set a wonderful plan. The railroad that the Sultan thinks will reach Mecca will, in fact, transport the Jews to their homeland. My servants will take control of the railroad within a few days. I wish you would also support me. I wish you would have faith in your son, who loves you so much.


Herzl’s father is revealed to be shackled to the wall


“Herzl’s father”: I had many fights with your mother. Do you know why? Because I could not believe that you were my son. An infidel like you could not possibly be a son of mine.


“Theodor Herzl”: You are the infidel. It is you who have betrayed our God and our ideals.


“Herzl’s father”: I don't believe in gods that speak whenever they want, make as many threats as they like, and sanction the killing of people for the sake of the liberation of all Jews.  I believe in Jehova. The God I believe in is merciful, and says that you must honor your father and your mother, and that you must not kill.


Don't run away, Theodor. Don't run away. The state of Israel was not promised by the Lord.




“Theodor Herzl”: Let me ask you a question. The commandment "Thou shalt not kill" in the Torah - does it apply to everybody and under all circumstances? Your son will kill an emperor today, but this will lead to the liberation of all the Jews. Consider this, and then answer me. Do you consider this prohibited?


“Herzl’s father”: Son, the most dangerous infidel is the one who takes what God decreed to be prohibited, and tries to make it permissible, using the name of the Lord.



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