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Mar 11, 2010
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Hamas TV Puppets Encourage Children to Liberate Jerusalem

#2419 | 04:22
Source: Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas/Gaza)

The following are excerpts from a Hamas TV puppet show, which aired on Al-Aqsa TV on March 11, 2010.

'Alloush: Uncle Hassan! Uncle Hassan!

Uncle Hassan: My God, why are you so happy, 'Alloush?

'Alloush: I am like the grown-ups, watching the news.

Uncle Hassan: Good, I hope it will be a good day to watch the news.

'Alloush: I've heard a very good report. Very good.

Uncle Hassan: That good?! This report will make us happy?

'Alloush: Yes! Do you know the Ibrahimi Mosque [in Hebron]?

Uncle Hassan: Who doesn't know it? We all do.

'Alloush: Well, they have turned it into a museum.

Uncle Hassan: What?!

'Alloush: So the people – all the Jews and the Christians – can visit it.

Uncle Hassan: Are you sure that's what you heard? Are you sure?

'Alloush: Yes.

Uncle Hassan: And you are still happy?!

'Alloush: Yes, this way they will protect it and stop destroying it. People will be able to see it, but not to touch it.

Uncle Hassan: Are you out of your mind, 'Alloush?

'Alloush: Why? What's wrong?

Uncle Hassan: Do you know that this mosque, at the Cave of the Patriarchs...

'Alloush: What about it?

Uncle Hassan: It dates back to the days of Ibrahim. This is our legacy, and part of the Islamic waqf. How can you possibly be happy when a mosque – where we would worship Allah and pray to Him night and day – is turned into a synagogue and an archeological site, and the Jews come to defile it?

'Alloush: I didn't know this. What, they're making fun of us in the news?!

Uncle Hassan: No, they are telling the truth in the news, but as you can see, the whole world is in turmoil over this. This is sad news, a real catastrophe for the Arab and Islamic world, 'Alloush.

'Alloush: Those Jews want to steal the Ibrahimi Mosque?

Uncle Hassan: Yes, they want to steal it, and then make it like their false temple. They want to add it to their legacy for their future generations, 'Alloush.

'Alloush: Okay, so what should we do about this sad thing?

Uncle Hassan: Unfortunately, 'Alloush and dear children, the Arab and Islamic nation is in a slumber. A deep slumber. We must stand up. We must awaken. 'Alloush and dear children – each one of you must tell his father, his grandfather, and the rest of his family that they should all arise as one. They must rise up against the criminal Zionists, who are planning to destroy Jerusalem, and to turn the Islamic waqf into something bad. We must rise against the Zionist criminals, the enemies of Allah, and liberate Jerusalem and all the holy places. We should liberate them. Do you hear, 'Alloush?

'Alloush: Ah, now I get it. I thought the Jews wanted to enable people to visit the Ibrahimi Mosque, but it turns out that they want to steal it.

Uncle Hassan: That's right, 'Alloush. It's a good thing that you got it. Did you tell this to anyone else, or just me?

'Alloush: Just you.

Uncle Hassan: Very good. You didn't make us look bad. Do you know what people would accuse you of, if you said this in the street?

'Alloush: Of what, Uncle Hassan?

Uncle Hassan: They would accuse you of being a collaborator. They would think that you are a Zionist collaborator. I would like to tell you two things, in conclusion: We must think before we speak. Get it? We should be familiar with all our Arab and Islamic holy places, okay?

'Alloush: Okay.

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