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Apr 04, 2024
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Hamas Senior Official Osama Hamdan: Our Terms Are That First, The Aggression Must End; Second, IDF Must Completely Withdraw From Gaza Strip; Third, Displaced People Should Return To Their Homes And Reconstruction Should Begin; Then, Fourth – Prisoner Exchange

#11002 | 01:28
Source: Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar)

Hamas senior official Osama Hamdan detailed in an April 4, 2024 statement aired on Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar) Hamas's terms for a ceasefire with Israel. He said that Hamas demands an end to the "aggression," a complete Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, allowing the displaced Gazans to return, and immediate reconstruction. Hamdan said that this was conveyed to the Egyptian and Qatari mediators.

Osama Hamdan: "Late last night, our brothers, the mediators from Egypt and Qatar, were informed about Hamas's position regarding what was offered. We stressed that we adhere to the position that had been presented to them earlier, and was officially delivered on March 14.

"The principles of our position are as follows: First, the aggression must end. Second, the occupation forces must withdraw from Gaza completely. Third, the displaced people must return to their homes, especially in the northern Gaza Strip, the efforts to deliver aid to all parts of the Gaza Strip must be intensified, and reconstruction must begin immediately, without any obstacles. Then, fourth – a real and serious prisoner exchange. I would like to stress that so far, there has been no progress in the negotiations."

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