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Sep 13, 2018
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Hamas Official Talal Nassar: Hamas Accepts Palestinian State within Pre-1967 Borders, But Does Not Relinquish the Rest of Palestine or Recognize Israel

#6774 | 01:22
Source: Channel 9/Qanat TV (Turkey)

During an interview on Turkey's Channel 9 network, Hamas official and political analyst Talal Nassar said that while Hamas has accepted a Palestinian state within the pre-1967 borders, it does not accept a two-state solution or "relinquish" the rest of Palestine. Nassar gave the example of the Prophet Muhammad, who circled the Kaaba in Mecca while it contained 160 idols and smashed the idols when he conquered Mecca. Nassar said Hamas can agree to pre-1967 without recognizing Israel, which "constitutes treason." The interview aired on September 13, 2018.


Interviewer: In a document published about a year ago, Hamas declared that it has accepted the two-state solution…

Talal Nassar:  Hamas has not recognized the two-state solution. It has only accepted the establishment of a Palestinian state within the pre-1967 borders, this does not mean relinquishing the rest of the Palestinian land. The Prophet Muhammad performed the tawaf around the Kaaba, when there were over 160 idols in it. This does not mean that he acknowledged idol-worshipping. When circumstances changed and he conquered Mecca, he shattered all the idols. Saladin signed more than 30 truce agreements with the Crusaders, but this does not mean that he gave the Crusaders the right to Jerusalem. My dear brother, [Hamas] agreed to the pre-1967 borders, but without recognizing the so-called Israel. I say in the media, and this is the position of the Islamic scholars and all patriots: Recognizing Israel constitutes treason.

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