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Oct 08, 2015
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Hamas MP and Spokesman Mushir Al-Masri Brandishes Knife, Calls on All Factions to Join the "Jerusalem Intifada"

#5099 | 01:25
Source: Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar)

In an address at a Khan Yunis rally, Hamas MP and spokesman Mushir Al-Masri called upon all Palestinian factions to "join the Jerusalem Intifada." Brandishing a knife, Al-Masri said, to the cheers of the crowds: "The knife is our choice. The knife symbolizes the battle of the West Bank and Jerusalem." The rally was broadcast by the Al-Jazeera TV network on October 9. Al-Masri posted the video of his address on his Facebook page, with the words: "In the Khan Yunis rally. We have brought slaughter upon you. We will disperse you. Just wait, oh Sons of Zion."


Following are excerpts:



Mushir Al-Masri: The Jerusalem Intifada has been launched, and Allah willing, it is irreversible. We must all join the Jerusalem Intifada – all the Palestinian factions. "Let the competitors compete." Was the pure blood not blessed? Were the proud arms not blessed? Were the holy stones not blessed? Were the blessed knives not blessed?



We say today to Netanyahu and to all the leader of the occupation: This is our choice.



Al-Masri brandishes a knife



The knife is our choice. The knife symbolizes the battle of the West Bank and Jerusalem.


Crowd cheers and chants.




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