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Jun 05, 2021
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Hamas Leader In Gaza Yahya Sinwar: We Received Money From Iran In The Last Few Days; We Are In The Process Of Moving Our Headquarters Out Of Residential Areas

#8905 | 02:43
Source: Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar)

Hamas leader in Gaza Yahya Sinwar thanked Iran and Hizbullah for their financial aid to the factions in Gaza following the recent armed conflict with Israel. He made his remarks in a public address that aired live on Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar) on June 5, 2021. Sinwar said that the people of the factions are already repairing the damage from the recent war with money received in the past few days from Iran. He added that some Arabs and Muslims also sent significant financial aid to the Gaza factions, but they are afraid to reveal this, unlike Iran and Hizbullah who '"don't care.'" Sinwar said that these Arabs and Muslims will be thanked by name when Hamas stands in the courtyard of the Al-Aqsa Mosque as liberators. He added that having military and security headquarters within residential areas, such as high-rise buildings, was a '"major problem'" in previous bouts of fighting, and that the Gaza factions are in the process of gradually transferring them elsewhere.

Yahya Sinwar: '"The brothers in Iran and in Hizbullah spared us nothing. Our brothers in the factions of the resistance and in the Al-Qassam Brigades are repairing and rebuilding all that was depleted or was destroyed in the war with money that the Iranian brothers gave us over the last few days. Over the last few days, the brothers in the resistance factions and the Al-Qassam Brigades received money [from Iran] and they began reconstruction. The brothers in Iran and in Hizbullah as well as other parties...There are other parties, whom we cannot name today, because they are afraid. The Iranians and Hizbullah do not care, because they act in contradiction of the so-called 'international will.' It even makes them happy when we announce that they support the resistance. Now there are Arab and other Muslim brothers who support the resistance generously with large resources. Today we cannot name them, because they are afraid of international surveillance, harassment, and accountability. But we are convinced that very soon, Allah willing, when we will be standing in the courtyards of the Al-Aqsa Mosque as liberators, after breaking the tyrannical, criminal, and unfair restrictions placed on us by the world — we will publicly announce that so-and-so, and such and such contributed to our victory, because we must give credit to people, and Allah willing, we will give them credit.


'"With regard to our military or security headquarters that are located in residential areas — this was a major problem in the previous bouts [of fighting], and at the resistance factions, we worked to gradually transfer these headquarters from populated areas. We have succeeded in removing many of them, but some still need to be transferred, and Allah willing, this operation will continue. We have taken this issue into consideration, and we have taken care of transferring many of the headquarters, especially those at the high-rise and residential buildings. We have done significant work and Allah willing, we will complete it."

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