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Apr 16, 2023
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Hamas Hosts Iftar Dinner In Doha, Qatar; Leader Ismail Haniyeh, Dozens Of Foreign Diplomats Attend

#10251 | 02:21
Source: Online Platforms - "@aboghazihneineh Twitter account "

On April 16, 2023, the @aboghazihneineh Twitter account posted a video of an iftar dinner held by Hamas in Doha, Qatar during a visit by senior Hamas leaders. According to Hamas's website, the event was attended by 30 diplomats and ambassadors, as well as Hamas's leader Ismail Haniyeh. At the event, Haniyeh thanked Qatar for its "great, honorable, and noble position", and he thanked the diplomats for their "efforts" throughout the "decades of the conflict with the Israeli occupation."

Onscreen text: "Our Honoured guests, welcome to the Ramadan Iftar Dinner."

Ismail Haniyeh: "We would like to thank you once again for accepting our invitation. We are honored by your presence here. We value your immense and protracted efforts throughout the decades of the conflict with the Israeli occupation. Thank you, Qatar, for this great, honorable, and noble position. From besieged Gaza to steadfast Jenin, and to Jerusalem, the capital of the State of Palestine, we send our greetings and thanks to all our people, home and abroad."

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