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Mar 27, 2024
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Muslim Brotherhood's Grand Mufti Of Libya, Sadiq Al-Ghariani, Rules: Jordanians And Egyptian Security Forces Are Not Allowed To Stop People From Breaking Through Border Crossings Into Gaza And West Bank; If They Do, They Will Go To Hell

#10988 | 01:52
Source: Al-Tanasuh TV (Libya)

The Grand Mufti of Libya Sadiq Al-Ghariani, who is affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, said in a March 27, 2024 show on Al-Tanasuh TV [Libya] that it is forbidden by Islamic law for the people manning border crossings into the West Bank or the Gaza Strip to prevent people from breaking through the border crossings to go support their Muslim brothers in Palestine. He said that it is an individual obligation to defend other Muslims and that it is forbidden for Jordanian or Egyptian police and security officers to defend the Zionists. He elaborated that doing so constitutes joining the Zionists and collaborating with them in killing Muslims, and will result in being regarded as a member of the Zionist army and in being sent to Hell. He added that people should crowd around the border crossings and break through them in order to support the people of Gaza.

Sadiq Al-Ghariani:"It is haram for the people manning the border crossings around Gaza and the West Bank to prevent the people from breaking through these border crossings. The people are required to enter through these border crossings, and to support their brothers.

"This is an individual duty incumbent upon them, in order to defend their Muslim brothers, their sanctities, their mothers, and their women. It is haram for members of the police force, or employees of the Jordanian or Egyptian security agencies to stand guard and defend the Zionists.

"If they do so, they will constitute joining the [Zionists], collaborating with them in the killing of their Muslim brothers. They will be regarded as members of the Zionist army, members of the occupation force that is killing the Muslims. They are not allowed to do such a thing, even if they are given orders by the state. This is an offense that will get him into Hell. It is not allowed to obey people while disobeying God. These people should crowd around these border crossings – individually and in groups – and they should break through these border crossings, and enter Gaza to support their people."  

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