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Feb 18, 2008
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Gaza Militants Call on Muslims to Bomb and Burn Down Danish Embassies, Kidnap Ambassadors and Slaughter Them on the Threshold of the Tomb of Prophet Muhammad

#1702 | 06:02
Source: Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar)

Following are excerpts from a press conference held by Abu 'Abir, spokesman of Salah Al-Din Brigades in Gaza, which aired on Al-Jazeera TV on February 18, 2008:

Abu 'Abir: We will not allow them to deride our Prophet, and we will wait for no one to take the appropriate measures in response to this crime against Islam, the Muslims, and our Prophet. We will redeem our Prophet with our lives. Oh servants of the cross, we let everything you did to our nation pass. But for your abominable deed against our Prophet, oh hostile and infidel Denmark, you will pay a heavy price, Allah willing. Oh Messenger of Allah, accept our apology. Denmark has spoken heresy.>

We in the Al-Nasser Salah Al-Din Brigades declare, in light of the recurrence of this grave incident, which was permitted by the Jewish, Crusader, infidel Danish authorities:

First of all, we call upon the Islamic nation to rise up, and not make do with a futile economic boycott, in the face of this affront to our honorable Prophet. We call upon them to drive out the Danish embassies and ambassadors from the lands of the Muslims, and to expel them from the Muslim countries. They should take serious and immediate action to burn down the offices of the newspapers that affronted our Prophet, and to bomb them, so that body parts go flying, and with these body parts, Allah will quench the believers' thirst for revenge.

Second, we call upon the Arab rulers, who are supposedly Muslim, and whose birth certificates indicate that they are Muslim, to advance their armies, and to take [appropriate] official stances, in defense of our Prophet Muhammad. Oh nation of Islam, oh nation of Muhammad, your Prophet has been derided. They must immediately declare that they will sever relations [with Denmark], recall their ambassadors, and cut off all their economic ties.

We say to the leaders of the Arabs and the Muslims: Aren't you ashamed of yourselves? By God, if anyone in some remote corner of the world affronted you, you would mobilize your armies in order to wipe him off the face of the Earth. This should be all the more true, oh Arabs, when it comes to those who affront your honorable Prophet.


Third, we used to think that the publication of the offensive cartoons in the past reflected the personal opinion of one crippled Dane. But, oh nation of Islam, we were surprised to find out that this offense constitutes a systematic policy. Therefore, from here, from the frontier land, we demand that all the infidel Crusader Danes on this pure frontier land leave the countries of the Muslims. We have not heard any of you condemn these crimes against our Islamic belief. What good are your voices [of condemnation] anyway, when your stupid prime minister has the audacity to support and defend these cartoons? Therefore, we call upon you once again to leave our Islamic countries immediately, and especially the frontier land of Palestine.

Fourth, we call upon the Muslims, mujahideen, and monotheists all over the world to pursue any of the pigs who drew or helped publish the offensive cartoon, and to slaughter them immediately on the threshold of the tomb of the Prophet. I love you, oh Prophet of Allah, like I love my father and mother. I swear by Allah if we get our hands on them, we will show them no mercy.


We call upon Muslims all over the world to bomb the embassies, to kidnap Danish ambassadors, and to kill them on the threshold of the tomb of the Prophet.

Oh nation of Islam, this is our Prophet. This is not about Palestine. You may have sold out the Al-Aqsa Mosque, but will you sell out the Prophet Muhammad too? If you're selling – we're buying. We will sell our souls cheaply to redeem even his honorable shoe, and to redeem the shoe of any Muslim on the face of this Earth.


Abu 'Abir sets fire to a large flag of Denmark.

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