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Jul 04, 2021
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Gaza Incendiary Balloon Squad Video: We Are Here To Burn You, To Make You Wish You Were Dead

#8952 | 01:03
Source: Online Platforms - "Ahfad Al-Nasser on Telegram"

"Ahfad Al-Nasser," the Gaza incendiary balloon squad that belongs to the Popular Resistance Committees, conveyed a message in Hebrew and Arabic: "We are here to burn you [...] to make you wish you were dead." The video was posted on Ahfad Al-Nasser's Telegram account on July 4, 2021. In the video squad members are seen preparing incendiary balloons.

Ahfad Al-Nasser: "We are here... We work day and night... We do not get tired and we do not get bored... In order to burn you... You will not enjoy a decent life... We will make you wish you were dead... This is part of our rage."

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