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Apr 07, 2023
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Friday Sermon In Idlib, Syria By Sheikh Mahmoud Al-Hubeish: The Jews Are Treacherous, Descendants Of Apes, The Enemies Of Allah

#10268 | 01:05
Source: Online Platforms - "Sheikh Al-Hubeish’s YouTube channel"

In an April 7, 2023 Friday sermon delivered in Idlib, a rebel-controlled area of Syria, Sheikh Mahmoud Al-Hubeish said that the Jews are the "enemies of Allah," a treacherous people who break all the covenants. He relayed a message to Palestinians in ribat at the environs of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, stating that if the Jews, the "descendants of apes," attack them, confronting them constitutes "washing the same that covers a nation of one billion people." Al-Hubeish continued: "From this liberated land of Jihad, we say to you: 'We are ready to sacrifice our lives for you. Do not fear the Jews." The sermon was posted on Sheikh Mahmoud Al-Hubeish's YouTube channel.

Sheikh Mahmoud Al-Hubeish: "The Jews are the enemies of Allah. They violate the agreements they make. Two things are mutually exclusive: Jews and agreements. They mutually contradict each other. Parallel lines that never intersect. Allah says: 'Why is it that every time they make a covenant, a group of them casts it aside?' Allah says: 'For the breaking of their covenant, We curse them.' The Jews and agreements constitute two parallel lines that never intersect. They are treacherous people. They are the people who hate Islam the most.


"Our message to our brothers [the Palestinians], who are in ribat today at the environs of the Al-Aqsa Mosque: If the Jews attack you, and you confront those wanton infidels, those descendants of apes, you will be washing the shame that covers a nation of one billion people. From this liberated land of jihad, we say to you: 'We are ready to sacrifice our lives for you. Do not fear the Jews.'"


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