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Apr 09, 2004
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Friday Sermon at Al-Haram Mosque in Mecca: Criticism of American Democratization Plans

#32 | 02:34
Source: Channel 1 (Saudi Arabia)

In his Friday sermon delivered at the Al-Haram Mosque in Mecca, Sheikh Sa'ud Al-Shreim criticized the democracy and reform plans the US has for the Middle East. Following are excerpts from his sermon:

Sheikh Sa'ud Ibrahim Al-Shreim: The nation should know that the logic of all criminals is one and that the tyrannical policy is ignited from time to time. The people of unbelief and oppression, even though they claim they are people of reform and supporters of freedom, they are in fact people of destruction and ruin, who act on behalf of their own private interests and for their despicable private pleasures.

We must ask ourselves, what kind of freedom they want to bring to wounded Iraq and plundered Palestine?! What kind of happiness will come to their people by the muzzles of cannons and the rattle of machine guns?! What kind of good life do they promise us? The kind of life that is based on body parts, killings, destruction, and ruin of mosques?! We know very well that the characteristics of natural mentality do not change in a way that would make us think that destruction is reform, killing is life, anarchy is government, and oppression is justice?

Is it conceivable that the killing of four (Americans) is an unforgivable crime while the killing of an entire people is trivial?! Is it conceivable that while the nations and the international community want to condemn the killing of the defenseless, the occupation, the robbery, the killing of children, the elderly, and Mujaheedin ? they face what is called in modern language "veto," and the will of the nations gives way?! Where are the so-called human rights? Where is the liberty they call for?

Is the demand for rights, mercy, and justice made by international originations confined to the lovers of dogs and other pets?! Are plain dogs more important than a suckling infant and even than a Muslim country in its entirety? By Allah, this is how rights die and reach rock bottom.

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