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Jan 14, 2015
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French-Speaking Jihadists in Syria Praise Paris Terrorists, Threatens More Attacks in Europe and America

#4722 | 02:30
Source: Online Platforms

Following are excerpts from a video featuring French-speaking Jihadists in Syria, which was posted on the Internet on January 14, 2015:

Title: "Interviews about the Blessed Operations in France"

French-speaking Jihadist: Praise Allah, this should have happened a long time ago, because the tyrants in France and all of Europe wish to destroy the true Islam, and to destroy the Caliphate which has been established today, and to continue to advance day by day, Praise be to Allah. I say to all the French people who think that the Islamic State will not reach Europe: Allah willing, we are coming to Europe. There will be more and more operations, like the recent one, in all of Europe – in France, in Belgium, in Germany, in Switzerland, in all of Europe, and all of America Allah willing.


I say to the brothers who so far have been unable to make hijra to the lands of the Islamic Caliphate: Do whatever you can. Kill them, slit their throats, burn their cars, burn their homes. Do whatever you can. The Islamic Caliphate will be established in all of Europe.


Second French-speaking Jihadist: To those who have not been able to come here, I advise you to work on your Islam wherever you are. We have heard the good tidings that our brothers have defended Islam, and sent those who mocked the Prophet straight to Hell. Continue sending them all the Hellfire.


Third French-speaking Jihadist: I say to my brothers: Continue on this path, and your deeds will be rewarded by Allah. If you see a police officer, kill him. Kill them all. Kill all the infidels you see on the street, in order to terrorize them. Do not let these infidels persecute you, live honorably wherever you are. This is the true path to dignity and pride – to wage Jihad. Islam is a religion of peace but above all, it is a religion of justice. Whoever shows aggression against us will face our own aggression.


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