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Sep 22, 2011
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Founders of the Egyptian Nazi Party: All We Want is World Supremacy for the Egyptian Race

#3131 | 06:18
Source: Dream TV (Egypt)

Following are excerpts from a TV talk show featuring members of the Egyptian Nazi Party, which aired on Dream1 TV on September 22, 2011.

TV host Wael El-Ebrashi: A group of young Egyptians have founded a Nazi political party, even though Nazism is a tyrannical Fascist political ideology, which brought ruin and destruction upon the entire world.


Egyptian Nazi Party member Dr. Mamdouh Mansour: This is a new party with a new ideology. It operates out in the open. It is not a secret or freemason society. The party's ideology offers solutions to the problems afflicting Egypt.


Egyptian Nazi Party member Sayyed Gamal: We have adopted the positive aspects of the Nazi Party, not the negative. We will not carry out holocausts against the Jews, and we will not fight them. This has to do with the policies of the state, in which we do not interfere.

Nobody finances us – neither at home nor abroad.

Head of the Egyptian Nazi Party Muhi Al-Din Gamal: My vision for the future is that within 10 years, we will have representatives in the parliament, and the president will be one of ours as well. Our political goal is to make the Arab race, or Arabic speakers, the best race. They will be at the top level, and we will help to spread the Arabic language throughout the world.

Egyptian Nazi Party member Rami Gan: Several businessmen want to finance us, and we have to choose between them. We do not recognize the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel.

We want to build an Egyptian nuclear reactor – a reactor that will be built by Egyptians and will have Egyptian components. All Egyptians will unite around this national project.

TV host Wael El-Ebrashi: Heil Hitler! We have in the studio with us 'Amr Fouad, a member of the Nazi Party. Welcome, 'Amr.

Muhammad Abd Al-Rahmad, a member of the Nazi Party. Hello, Muhammad.

And Ahmad Sayyed, a member of the Nazi Party. Welcome, Ahmad.


Why should we, in Egypt, import these tyrannical, Fascist political movements, and evoke them from history, after they have been vomited by the entire world?

Egyptian Nazi Party member 'Amr Fouad: First of all, the Egyptian citizen has been greatly humiliated. The thing we want most is to draw the line.

TV host Wael El-Ebrashi: What do you mean?

'Amr Fouad: The supremacy of the Egyptian race.

TV host Wael El-Ebrashi: The supremacy of the Egyptian race?

'Amr Fouad: That's our number one goal.

TV host Wael El-Ebrashi: Like Hitler said that the Aryan race was superior to the rest of mankind? That is extreme racism. We excel through our success and our capabilities. No race is exceptional. Do you want to make the Egyptian race exceptional? Should we call for that?

'Amr Fouad: Not at present. We don't want to be superior to the world...

TV host Wael El-Ebrashi: Are you saying that the Egyptian race should rule?

'Amr Fouad: At a certain point. We are talking about the Egyptian race and the Arab race. The Egyptian race should rule first, and then the Arab race.


Egyptian Nazi Party member Muhammad Abd Al-Rahman: The idea emerged through a Facebook group, of course. We got together and realized that each of us had believed in this idea before...

TV host Wael El-Ebrashi: In what idea?

Muhammad Abd Al-Rahman: In the supremacy of the Egyptian race. We won't be a Nazi party like the German one. It will not be like Hitler's party that everybody remembers. We are governed by the precepts of Islamic law. For example, Hitler was hostile towards all the Jews. We as Egyptians – and as Muslims in general – believe that Judaism is a monotheistic religion, which we must respect. I am not hostile towards all the Jews. I am hostile towards the Zionist entity. The Zionist entity poses a danger to the Arabs, so I am hostile towards it.


By now, we have more than 300 members.


I adopted the Nazi ideology of Hitler's National Socialist German Workers' Party, because it is the only ideology that is suitable for us. According to the Nazi ideology, the institutions in any country will gain prominence by means of the military institution. My first priority is the strength of the military institution, and when we become a strong country among the nations, no unnecessary foreign treaty will be imposed upon us. You will be able to reexamine any foreign treaty thanks to your military strength.


Egyptian Nazi Party member Ahmad Sayyed: Sir, we do not want a full-fledged Nazi party. All we want is the statement that our country's race will rule. We preceded the rest of the world. We have a 7,000-year-old culture. We have taught the world things that bedazzle it to this day.


I'd like the Arab world to unite, so that we become a united force, like the EU.

TV host Wael El-Ebrashi: But do Hitler's Nazi ideas constitute part of your party's platform?

Egyptian Nazi Party member 'Amr Fouad: Some of his ideas, like respect for the Egyptian citizen. For example, a German officer was killed during the German occupation of France. In order to restore the honor of this officer, 95 of the French were killed. That way, wherever a German tourist goes in Europe, he is treated with respect. We will not gain respect with blood, but through industry, agriculture, tourism, and development.

TV host Wael El-Ebrashi: You want us to excel.

'Amr Fouad: Yes, to excel. All we want to take from Nazism is the respect. That's it. We want to have supremacy over our world.

TV host Wael El-Ebrashi: I noticed in the report that one of you had Hitler's Mein Kampf.

Egyptian Nazi Party member Ahmad Sayyed: We have nothing to do with Hitler. The one and only thing we have adopted from Nazism is racial supremacy. That's it.


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