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Oct 15, 2023
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Former Lebanese Interior Minister Marwan Charbel Accuses Israel Of Fabricating Footage Of Hamas Atrocities, Says: What Israel Is Doing In Gaza – The Nazis Did Not Do In The Holocaust

#10542 | 01:55
Source: Al-Jadeed TV (Lebanon)

On October 15 2023, former Lebanese Minister of the Interior Marwan Charbel said that Israel fabricated footage of Palestinians murdering children in the October 7 Hamas attack. Speaking in an interview on the Lebanese Al-Jadeed TV channel, Charbel said: "What Israel is doing in Gaza […] the Nazis and Hitler did not do to the Israelis, like they keep saying about the Holocaust."

Marwan Charbel: "What are human rights? There are no human rights. Is it just something writer [in the West]? Are we the only ones expected to adhere to them, while you don't have to? Where is the United Nations? Doesn't it convene under such circumstances? An entire people is dying – children, women... And on top of that, the [Israelis] have made videos... They are very skillful and can make videos showing the Palestinians murdering children."

Interviewer: "They fabricated those video clips."

Charbel: "Yes, they fabricated them, and later admitted that these videos were fabricated. Nevertheless, some countries believe it. Look what's going on with the children. How many children are dead? At least 300-400 [Palestinian] children. These children were not involved in any of this. What Israel is doing in Gaza was not done by the Jews [sic]. Even the Nazis and Hitler did not do this to the Israelis. They keep talking about the Holocaust..."

Interviewer: "The Jewish Holocaust."

Charbel: "That's right. Seriously, is there no humanity left?"

Interviewer: "The Israeli enemy is transgressing the boundaries of what it calls 'self defense'..."

Charbel: "What self-defense? You want to defend yourselves? Stay alert, and don't let anybody enter."

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