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Mar 26, 2024
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Former Iranian Diplomat Mohammad Mehdi Shariatmadari: Iran Gives Hamas Weapons But Is Not Responsible For Its Actions, Whereas The U.S. Gives Israel Weapons And Is An Accomplice In Its Crimes – There Is No Comparison Between The Two Cases

#10991 | 03:25
Source: Sky News Arabia (UAE)

Former Iranian cultural attache to Lebanon Mohammad Mehdi Shariatmadar said in a March 26, 2024 interview with Sky News Arabia (UAE) that all of the weapons used by Hamas and the "resistance movements" throughout the region are either provided directly by Iran or produced locally based on Iranian expertise and training. He qualified that even though Iran arms Hamas and these resistance groups, this does not mean that it bears any responsibility for the operations of these groups. When the host suggested that Shariatmadar is applying a double standard since he has asserted that America is complicit in Israel's crimes because it provides Israel with weapons, Shariatmadar answered that Israel is an unjust, plundering, occupying, and criminal entity, while Hamas is a resistance group fighting on behalf of the Palestinian nation, which he said has the right to self-determination. He added: "There is a great difference between the two cases."

Mohammad Mehdi Shariatmadari: "All the weapons of the resistance movements are either from Iran or produced locally..."

Interviewer: "But after the war..."

Shariatmadari: "Even after the war. Many of the weapons used by Hamas are produced locally, but the technology and the training of the Hamas training of the Hamas members were provided by Iran. This is well known. Therefore, one cannot say that Iran does not... I find it strange that people say that Iran is involved in all these operations, and at the same time, they say Iran is not fulfilling its duty towards Hamas."

Interviewer: "You yourself are saying that Hamas's weapons are Iranian, so how can you claim that Iran is not involved?"

Shariatmadari: "The weapons are either produced... No, this does not mean... If Iran had cooperation with a certain state or entity, and it provided or sold them weapons, does this mean that Iran bears the responsibility for every operation in which these weapons are used? Of course not."

Interviewer: "So why does Iran accuse the U.S. of being an accomplice in the killings in the Gaza Strip because it provides weapons to Israel? Isn't it the same thing?"

Shariatmadari: "There is a huge difference between Israel and Hamas... Israel is plundering entity..."

Interviewer: "But as a principle..."

Shariatmadari: "The goal and the principle are the basis for everything. The means become meaningful when we look at the goals and principles. Israel is an unjust, plundering, and occupying entity, which is conducting criminal operations against the Palestinian people as a whole, whereas is a resistance movement that has the right... The Palestinian people have the right to self-determination, and the right to fight the occupation. Therefore, supporting the occupation is completely different than supporting the oppressed people..."

Interviewer: "I am not disagreeing with you. This is another issue. I am talking about being an accomplice. You say that America is an accomplice in what Israel is doing, because it gives weapons to Israel, so by the same token, Iran is an accomplice of Hamas because it gives Hamas weapons. I am not talking about the goals or the shared ideology between the two sides. I am only talking about the principle. We have no disagreement about the principle."

Shariatmadari: "Iran is undoubtedly a partner in the entire resistance movement in the region, because it supports the resistance, and does this out in the open, but this support does not mean Iran takes part in, knows about, or initiates all the operations and movements of the resistance movements in the region. There is a great difference between the two cases."

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