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Jan 07, 2015
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Former Egyptian MP Mamdouh Ismail Reacts to Paris Terror Attack, on Muslim Brotherhood TV: France Is the Mother of Terrorism

#4706 | 02:27
Source: Al-Sharq TV (Egypt)

In response to French President Hollande’s denunciation of the recent terror attack in Paris, former Egyptian MP Mamdouh Ismail accused France of having “introduced terrorism to the whole world" during its occupation of Algeria. "France is the mother of all terrorism and of crimes against civilians," said Ismail during the show he hosts on the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood channel broadcasting from Turkey, Al-Sharq TV on January 7, 2015.

Following are excerpts:

Mamdouh Ismail: The news [about the Paris terror attack] shocked the entire world, but let me dwell for a moment on what the French president said at the place of the event. He denounced it and said that this was an unparalleled terrorist crime. These are the well-known political, diplomatic statements regularly made in such incidents.

But I'd like to remind the French president of the history of French terrorism in Algeria. We should point out that it was France that introduced terrorism to the whole world in Algeria. Algeria is not really "the land of one million martyrs." According to the Algerians, during the revolution of the proud Algerian people against the French occupier, more than three million were killed, not only one million. The French occupiers used to behead people and remove their skulls, as can be seen in these well-known photos, often used to depict the organized terrorism perpetrated by the French occupier in Algeria.


When the French president talked about this crime, or about this incident, he referred to it as a crime against civilians. In political diplomatic language, crimes against civilians constitute terrorism. According to this definition, I say that France is the mother of all terrorism and of crimes against civilians. Proof of this is the fact that to this day, it has not apologized for its crimes against civilians in Algeria.


[One French general] wiped out 25 Algerian villages, with all of their population, not leaving even a single animal. Give me a break. Look how they talk about civilians and about "liberté, egalité, fraternité." Look at the way they are talking about terrorism now. You are the ones who sowed the seeds of terrorism. You are the ones who laid the foundations of terrorism, and who laid the foundations of the crimes of the abominable killing of civilians, in a manner abhorred by all humanity.


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