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Oct 21, 2014
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Former Afghan Intelligence Chief Amruallah Saleh: Pakistan Behind Terrorism in Afghanistan

#4566 | 02:36
Source: Online Platforms

Former head of the Afghan Directorate of Security Amruallah Saleh participated in a trilateral Afghan-Pakistani-Indian panel, hosted by the Afghan network TOLOnews TV. Saleh accused Pakistan of supporting the Taliban and sponsoring terrorism in his country.


Following are excerpts from an interview, which was posted on the Internet on October 22, 2014:


Amrullah Saleh: Osama Bin Laden was found in Abbottabad. The Haqqani brother was killed in Islamabad. Gulbuddin Hekmatyar is residing in Rawalpindi.






There is, on the other hand, no single evidence, hard evidence, provided by the Pakistani establishment, of Afghanistan having a hand in sponsoring instability and violence in Pakistan.






India is rising, Afghanistan is rising, the region as a whole is rising. The one country that is declining is Pakistan. It is because you are stuck with the narrative of extremism. You are stuck with the narrative of seeing your neighbors not as friends but enemies, and you are declining.






Imagine if Pakistan, instead of training 30,000 insurgents, had trained 30,000 MBA holders in Afghanistan. What would the situation have been? Completely completely different.






They should treat Kabul as the legitimate capital of Afghanistan, and they should not have this paranoia that a strong Kabul will create a pan-Pashtun alliance against Pakistan, or a pan-Afghan alliance with India against Pakistan. That will not take place because it is a reality that we are a country, and we have a legitimate right to interact with you and deal with you.



One: You are the biggest neighbor of Afghanistan. Two: Please stop recognizing a parallel government, which is the Taliban, against us. It will hurt you, as you see it is hurting you.



I saw pictures of Miramshah. It is being smashed down, it is ruined, and yet the problem is not solved. That should give you very solid evidence that you cannot have a bad terrorist and a good terrorist… A bad terrorist only kills Afghans and Americans, and a good terrorist is that… and a bad terrorist is the one blasting your cities. Please correct your definition.





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