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Feb 26, 2022
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Former Qatari Prime Minister Hamad Bin Jassim: We Had Journalists On Our Payroll In Many Countries, Some Of Them Became MPs; Most Arab Countries Were Doing This (Archival)

#10402 | 00:54
Source: Online Platforms - "Al-Qabas Online (Kuwait)"

Former Qatari Prime Minister Hamad bin Jassim said in an interview that was posted online by the Kuwaiti Al-Qabas newspaper on February 26, 2022 that Qatar had many journalists "in different countries" on its payroll. He explained that some even received a monthly salary from Qatar and that some of them became MPs in their countries. He added that most Arab countries were doing this.

Hamad Bin Jassim: "We had journalists on our payroll."

Interviewer: "What do you mean?"

Bin Jassim: "We would pay them. Some of them have become MPs now. Others have become patriots. I know them. We would pay [journalists] in many countries. We would pay them every year. Some of them received salaries. All the Arab countries were doing this. If not all, then most of them."

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