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Feb 19, 2024
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Former Lebanese President Michel Aoun Criticizes Hizbullah: One Party Cannot Make Decisions About A Conflict With Israel; Lebanon Has No Obligation To Defend Gaza

#10897 | 03:01

Former Lebanese President Michel Aoun criticized Hizbullah in a February 19, 2024 interview with OTV [Lebanon], saying that "one party cannot make the decision about a conflict all by itself." He continued: "We have a government that claims to be the ruler, but in fact, it is not." Aoun stated that the Lebanese front with Israel should not be linked with Gaza, because Lebanon has no agreement to defend Gaza, he suggested that "perhaps the Arab League could do something."

Interviewer 1: "What are Lebanon's limits in the conflict with Israel? To what extent should Lebanon enter the conflict with Israel? Some think we should fight to the end in support of Gaza, while others say that our southern border is where our national sovereignty ends.

Michel Aoun: "A section of the Lebanese people has made a decision, all by itself, whereas the other Lebanese are not a party to this. The government is silent. It does not take a clear stand. This reflects helplessness rather than resolve."

Interviewer 2: "Are you against linking the Lebanese front to the Gaza front?"

Aoun: "Yes. We have no treaty with Gaza. Lebanon is not connected to Gaza by an agreement, so…"

Interviewer 1: "We have no mutual defense agreement [with Gaza]…"

Aoun: "Perhaps the Arab League could have done something."

Interviewer 2: "But some people say that if Lebanon had not intervened in that war, its turn would have come, sooner or later, so this is more of a preemptive move than an act of support for Gaza."

Aoun: "This is just an opinion. There are not indications of this. Perhaps instead of pushing the danger away from us, getting into this war only aggravates it."

Interviewer 2: "In light of this, who gets to decide? Some people say one thing and other people say the opposite."

Aoun: "The people who are fighting are calling the shots. The man who entered this war is the one who makes the decisions, as long as the Lebanese government does not make as decision, on behalf of the Lebanese people. You can see it. The [mediators] are in touch with Hizbullah."

Interviewer 2: "So everything has to be on the table in all future discussions."

Aoun: "First of all, it has to be on the Lebanese table. One party cannot make decision about a conflict like this all by itself. We have a government that claims to be the ruler, but in fact, it is not."

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