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Dec 13, 2023
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Former Lebanese Cabinet Minister Wiam Wahhab: I Support Hizbullah, But Its Attacks Against Israel Have Not Eased The Pressure On Gaza, They Increased The Pressure On Lebanon; This Activity Should Stop

#10723 | 01:53
Source: Al-Jadeed TV (Lebanon)

Former Lebanese Minister of the Environment Wiam Wahhab said in a December 13, 2023 interview that aired on Al-Jadeed TV (Lebanon) that Hizbullah should stop its attacks against Israel. He explained that he supports Hizbullah, however, these attacks have not eased the pressure on Gaza, and on the contrary, they have increased the pressure on Lebanon. Wahhab said that Lebanon has been paralyzed by Hizbullah's activity on the border. He told the interviewer: "We are tired."

Wiam Wahhab: "This is the most Hizbullah can do, I am against Hizbullah doing more than that. This is not enough for you? I am also in favor of stopping [Hizbullah's] attacks at the border."

Interviewer: "Stopping the attacks at the border? Why?"

Wahhab: "Despite the big sacrifices by the martyrs and the people of south Lebanon, and despite the displacement of people, I do not feel that the pressure on Gaza has been reduced so far, because the Israelis do not need to deploy two divisions in Gaza. They have enough soldiers for Gaza. After all, their army is 300,000-350,000 strong."

Interviewer: "Why did you feel like that..."

Wahhab: "This [confrontation] is creating great pressure on Lebanon as well. It is paralyzing everything in Lebanon. We cannot go on paralyzing everything in Lebanon. Enough. We are tired. We are tired, Samar."

Interviewer: "Are you calling on Hizbullah to stop their operations in south Lebanon?

Wahhab: "Well, they know better than me about this..."

Interviewer: "I am asking for your opinion."

Wahhab: "I am with them... In any confrontation with Israel, I am with them. I am behind them. Nevertheless, I do not see that this has achieved the required outcome. The pressure on Gaza has not stopped because of the front in south Lebanon."

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