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Feb 11, 2024
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Former Iranian Nuclear Chief Ali-Akbar Salehi: Iran Has Crossed All Scientific And Technological Thresholds Necessary For Producing A Nuclear Bomb

#10885 | 00:49
Source: Nasim TV (Iran)

Former Iranian Nuclear Chief Ali-Akbar Salehi discussed in a February 11, 2024 interview that aired on Nasim TV (Iran) whether Iran is capable of producing a nuclear bomb. He said that Iran has crossed "all the scientific and technological nuclear thresholds" necessary to create a nuclear bomb.

Interviewer: "Do we have the capability to produce a nuclear bomb?"

Ali-Akbar Salehi: "We have [crossed] all the scientific and technological nuclear thresholds. Let me give you an example so you can understand for yourself."

Interviewer: "No, pleaseā€¦I just want to know if we can do it or not."

Salehi: " Let me give you an example. What does it take to make a car? You need a chassis, an engine, a wheel, a gearbox..."

Interviewer: "I see that you are being diplomatic..."

Salehi: "If you are asking me if we built the gearbox and the engine, my answer is yes. Each part has its own role."


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