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Aug 31, 2021
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Former Iranian Diplomat Amir Mousavi: Iran's Futile Diplomacy Of Empty Smiles Is Over; Unless The U.S. Returns To JCPOA, Iran May Increase Enrichment To 90%; The Resistance Axis Is Dominating International Policy, The U.S. 'Got The Message'

#9066 | 02:37
Source: Hona Baghdad TV (Iraq)

Former Iranian diplomat Amir Mousavi said that Iran will increase its nuclear activity in to match the U.S. delaying its return to the nuclear deal. He made his remarks in an interview that aired on Hona Baghdad TV (Iraq) on August 31, 2021. Mousavi explained that if the U.S. continues to "procrastinate" in returning to the deal, Iran will reduce its commitment to the deal and that he expects a great danger to the Western countries and the "Zionist entity." He said that Iran has already increased its enrichment, and while "the nuclear bomb is not part of Iran's plans, because of Imam Khamenei's fatwa," Iran's nuclear capabilities will be increased to a great extent and "Iran's hands will not remain tied."

Mousavi added that the days of former Foreign Minister Zarif's policy of a diplomacy of "empty smiles" are over, and that it has accomplished nothing for Iranian citizens. He continued to say that America left its collaborators behind after its "humiliating" defeat in Afghanistan. He added that today, the "resistance axis" is dominating international policy, and what Iran has been saying is being said in the White House, Pentagon, and Congress. He added that Israeli PM Bennett and U.S. President Biden are "trembling" for this reason. Mousavi also said that Biden was talking nonsense when he threatened Iran.

Amir Mousavi: "The days of [former FM Zarif's diplomacy] of empty smiles are over. That diplomacy accomplished nothing for the Iranian citizens. The [nuclear] negotiations will be serious, clear steps will be taken, and if the U.S. abides by its commitments, Iran will return to the nuclear deal. However, if the American procrastination continues, I believe that the Iranian escalation will continue. Iran will reduce its commitment to the nuclear deal, and I expect great danger to the Western countries and the Zionist entity, if things continue this way..."

Interviewer: "By mobilizing the resistance axis?"

Mousavi: "Iran will simply be stronger. As long as they delay their return... By now, we have seen that from 3.5% enrichment, Iran reached 20%, and now 60%, and maybe it will reach 90%. Any Iranian progress is detrimental to the [West]."

Interviewer: "So the nuclear bomb will be ready..."

Mousavi: "The nuclear bomb is not part of Iran's plans, because of Imam Khamenei's fatwa, which he reiterated time and again, but the technology will improve, and obviously, this will not serve the interest of the Western countries. They fear this progress. As long as they drag their feet, our [nuclear] program will advance. Iran's hands will not remain tied. It will develop the centrifuges and the research centers, increase enrichment, and increase its stockpile of high-enriched uranium. All these measures endanger Iran's enemies and strike terror in their hearts.


"After America's humiliating and inhumane defeat in Afghanistan – we saw how people were killed when trying to escape, and we saw how America heinously left its collaborators and supporters behind... Today, when Iran has been saying is being said in the White House, in the Pentagon, and in Congress. So they got the message. Today, the logic of the resistance axis is dominating international policy, and this is why we saw Biden and Bennett trembling... When they met, Biden fell asleep and didn't even listen to Bennett, and when he woke up, he talked nonsense, really, when he threatened Iran and said that if diplomacy fails, there will be other options."

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