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Nov 12, 2023
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Former Iranian Ambassador To Australia And Mexico Mohammad-Hassan Ghadiri-Abyaneh: The Jews Are Evil; They Drink The Blood Of Muslim Children, Rip Open The Chests Of Wounded Prisoners, Take Their Hearts Out, And Sell Them

#10649 | 02:57
Source: Channel 1 (Iran)

Former Iranian ambassador to Mexico and Australia Mohammad-Hassan Ghadiri-Abyaneh spread libel against Jews on a November 12, 2023, show on Channel 1 (Iran), claiming that Jews drink the blood of Muslim children, "especially Palestinians." When asked by the show's host about claims that Jews bake cakes with the blood of Muslim children, Ghadiri-Abyaneh responded that the Jews celebrate the killing of Iranians on the holiday of "Purim." He continued to claim that Israelis do not treat injured prisoners; instead they harvest their organs and sell them. Ghadiri-Abyaneh also said that the Jews were hated in Germany and elsewhere in Europe because of their teachings, according to which they were encouraged to cheat and deceive people, and accumulate wealth, and he also doubted the fact that six million Jews were murdered in the Holocaust.

Mohammad-Hassan Ghadiri-Abyaneh: "Inside the Zionist regime, it is like a military camp. Everybody there is part of the military. There are no civilians. The same is true of their women. Now that there is a call to arms, the women are reporting, too. They have participated in courses, and have undergone training.

"Why was Germany against the Jews? With Germany, it was not a matter of faith."

Interviewer: "All of Europe…"

Ghadiri-Abyaneh: "Yes, all of Europe. The reason was that the teachings of [the Jews] were that you should cheat and deceive people and accumulate wealth as much as you can. At a time when the people of Germany and Europe had many problems and were poor, the Jews were trying to accumulate wealth and therefore, were hated there.

"They say that Hitler killed six million Jews. First of all, maybe it is a good [opportunity] to tell this. When I was an ambassador in Mexico, I saw the representative of the Red Cross in one of the parties and had a chat with him. He told me they had a list of 280,000 people who had died in the Nazi detention camps. He did not say they were 'killed.' 60,000 of them were Jews. I asked him why he did not publish the list. And he answered that it was classified. Why would a list of people who died in the Nazi camps be classified? Because it can cast doubt on the claim that six million Jews were killed."

Interviewer: "There is a claim, dating back 4-5 decades ago, that the Jews were baking cakes with the blood of Muslim children. Their extremists would do this, and it has turned into a sort of expression."

Ghadiri-Abyaneh: "Yes, they have a holiday called 'Purim.' At the time of King Xerxes, they killed over 70,000 people who did not like Jews. Since then, they celebrate the killing of those Iranians, and so on. The [Jews] are very evil. I don't think that even animals are like them. Some animals walk away after they eat their fill. They do not bother you, if you do not bother them. The [Jews] are not like that. Killing people is part of their nature. They drink the blood of Muslim children, especially Palestinians."

Interviewer: "Right."

Ghadiri-Abyaneh: "When they take injured prisoners--children or adults—they do not treat them. They immediately cut their chests open and take out the heart and other organs, which they then sell."

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