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Apr 03, 2024
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Fatah Spokesman Dr. Jamal Nazzal: Hamas Is Inciting The Public Against The Jordanian Government; Iran Is Creating Dens In The West Bank, Gnawing At Us Like A Mite So That The Palestinian Authority Collapses – Just Like It Is Doing In Syria, Iraq, And Yemen

#10999 | 02:53
Source: Al-Arabiya Network (Dubai/Saudi Arabia)

Fatah Spokesman and Revolutionary Council member Dr. Jamal Nazzal said in an April 3, 2024 interview on Al-Arabiya Network (Saudi Arabia) that Iran is establishing a presence in Palestinian Authority-controlled territories in order to "gnaw like a mite" at the PA until it collapses, like it has been doing in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and elsewhere. He said that superficially, this looks like Iran is attempting to distract Israel from Gaza, but it is in fact attempting to topple the Palestinian state, and he claimed that just two days earlier a group of armed men loyal to Iran hijacked a vehicle belonging to the Palestinian Land Authority.

He elaborated that Iran's fingerprints are destructive and that it is exploiting the resources and situation of the Palestinian people, acting like a cuckoo bird that lays its eggs in the nests of other birds so that it can drive them out. In addition, he said that Iran does not want to risk itself and will fight Israel to the last drop of Arab blood, which it views as worthless. Moreover, he asserted that Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, which he described as murderous Kharijite organizations, are attempting to undermine support for Fatah and the PA among the Jordanian people.

Dr. Jamal Nazzal: "In keeping with what Iran is doing in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, or in any other Arab country where it is trying to nest and create a security presence, which will gnaw at the body of the state like a mite until the state collapses – Iran is trying to hire groups that will act at its service in Palestine too. On the surface of things, it might seem as if Iran is trying to draw the attention of Israel's military away from Palestine, but the fact is that this Iranian security presence will ultimately bring down the Palestinian state.

"The day before yesterday, a group that is loyal to Iran in Tulkarm hijacked a civilian vehicle that belongs to the Palestinian Land Authority – to the State of Palestine. A group of armed men took over the vehicle and drove it around. This has become a security den loyal to Iran, which endangers the Palestinian people. The Iranian fingerprints on Palestinian reality are destructive.

"Iran is using the rationale of a cuckoo bird that lays an egg in another bird's nest, and when its chick hatches from the egg, it drives out all the other chicks, kills them, and then lives at the expense of its parents – disgustingly exploiting the resources of the Palestinians and their situation, which cannot tolerate this exploitative and rejected rationale.


"Israel has turned Iran into a punching bag. Israel is doing to Iran whatever it wants – bombing it in Syria, in Tehran, in Lebanon, in Gaza, and in other places as well. Iran, for its own reasons – it does not want to put its interests at risk – has decided to fight Israel to the last drop of Arab blood. Iran is not shedding its people's blood in its fight with Israel, because it considers our blood to be as worthless as water.


"There are influencers in Jordanian media who take the liberty of attacking Fatah and the Palestinian Authority, in an attempt to vent a certain anger. The practice has borne bitter and unfortunate fruits for Jordan, because it nurtured a favorable atmosphere for the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas.


"What is happening in Jordan is the story of the Muslim Brotherhood with Jordan in a nutshell. Those who allowed criticism of Fatah and the Palestinian Authority from their land have inadvertently nurtured an ideology supportive of the Muslim Brotherhood, which is a murderous, Salafi, Kharijite organization that is not playing games. What Hamas is trying to do is to mobilize the public against the Jordanian authorities."

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