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Sep 06, 2022
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Fatah Secretary In Jenin Ata Abu Rumeileh: The Occupation Will Bleed Everywhere In Palestine; The Only Language We Can Use With Israel Is The Language Of The Gun

#9815 | 01:05
Source: Palestinian Authority TV

On September 6, 2022, during the funeral of Mohammad Sabaaneh, a Palestinian militant killed by Israeli forces in Jenin, Fatah's secretary in Jenin Ata Abu Rumeileh said that "the occupation will bleed everywhere in Palestine." He also said that Palestine spans from the northern Israeli town of Rosh HaNikrah to the southernmost Israeli city of Eilat. In addition, he said that the only language that can be used with the Israeli "occupation" is the language of resistance and guns. The funeral was aired on Palestine TV. For more about Ata Abu Rumeileh, see MEMRI TV Clips Nos. 9473, 9108, and 7022.

Ata Abu Rumeileh: "The occupation will bleed everywhere in Palestine. Today, Palestine is wide open for resistance. From now on, it is treason to say that Palestine stretches only from Rafah to Jenin. Palestine is from Rafah to Al-Naqoura [Rosh HaNikra], and to Umm Al-Rashrash [Eilant], on the shores of the Red Sea.

"The only language [we can use] with the occupation is the language of resistance and the language of the gun. Mercy upon our martyr, Muhammad Sabaaneh."

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