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Apr 03, 2024
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Fatah Revolutionary Council Member Mohammed Al-Hourani: Any Iranian Threat To Jordan's Stability Is An Affront To The Palestinian People; Iran Has No Problem Scorching Arab Land To Expand Its Influence In The Region

#11005 | 02:11
Source: Al-Arabiya Network (Dubai/Saudi Arabia)

Fatah Revolutionary Council member Mohammed Al-Hourani said in an April 3, 2024 interview on Al-Arabiya Network [Saudi Arabia] that the demonstrations and sentiment in support of the Gaza Strip throughout Jordan must not be turned against the Jordanian state as he said Iran is attempting to do. He referred to the recent Iraqi militia calls to establish and arm a 12,000-man militia in Jordan, and he explained that Iran has no problem scorching Arab land, exploiting the "pure name" of Palestine, and pitting Arabs against one another in order to bolster its influence in the region. Al-Hourani also said that due to the brotherly relations between the Palestinian and Jordanian peoples, any threats to the stability of Jordan is an affront to the Palestinians.

Mohammed Al-Hourani: "In Jordan, like in many other countries, there have been demonstrations in solidarity with the Gaza Strip. So, the call that emerged from Jordan, and which Jordan has made possible, is an important call, and must not be turned against Jordan itself.


"This is also related to the calls we heard coming from Iraq to form a 12,000-man armed militia in Jordan. What is the purpose of this? In addition, there are attempts in Lebanon, even among the Sunnis, to mobilize and arm the Army of Islam [organization]. This is all part of the Iranian project. There is a saying: if you have cooks, you do not burn your own fingers. The Iranians do not mind if Arab land is scorched because of this bravado and the slogans that exploit the pure name of Palestine.


"Any threat to this stability of any [Arab] country – and first and foremost to Jordan, our twin brother, constitutes an affront to the Palestinians. The Palestinians and the Jordanians live in Jordan as equal citizens and as brothers. It is our responsibility to maintain this respectable equation, as a source of strength for Palestine.


"If we consider establishing militias that are parallel [to the military], and pushing the this-or-that country to the brink of civil war – this is closer to suicide. This is the essence of Iran’s policy, which wants to send the Arabs to fight, on Arab land so that it could bolster its influence, and strengthen its position in its negotiations with America."

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