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Nov 23, 2002
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Fares Explains to His Friends about the Zionist Serpent's Movement throughout History in Egyptian-Produced Drama "Knight without a Horse" (Archival Material)

#934 | 03:45
Source: Al-Manar TV (Lebanon)

Following are excerpts from an Egyptian-produced TV series "Knight without a Horse" broadcast on the Al-Manar TV on November 23, 2002.

Fares: The racist Zionist movement devised a plan a long time ago, even before Christ: A peaceful Zionist invasion of all the countries of the world, with a malicious serpent as its symbol.

They drew up a map for this serpent. According to this map the serpent moves, coils, and binds the countries of the world, enslaving them by hellish means. These means include an economic invasion, which weakens these countries, and uses all methods of violence and deception.

This Zionist plan is, of course, very carefully devised, so they can spread among the world's youth wantonness, alcohol, abomination and corruption.


The serpent is the Zionist symbol, and its progress is drawn on the map, step by step. The first step was in Europe in 429 BCE, in Greece, in the days of Pericles. The Zionist serpent devoured this country's strength, of course. The second step was in 69 BCE in Rome, in the days of Emperor Augustus. The third step was in 1552, in Madrid in the days of Charles V. The fourth step was in Paris, 1790, in the days of Louis XVI. The fifth step in London in 1814, after the fall of Napoleon. The sixth step was in Berlin after the Franco-Russian war, and the seventh in St. Petersburg, in 1881.

The Zionist serpent passed through all these countries, shaking their constitutional foundation. Even England and Germany despite their strength - the Zionist serpent surpassed their economic limits, until it completed the invasion of Russia in 1905.

If we follow the serpent's steps on the map, we will find no trace of its path except for some arrows pointing to Moscow, Kiev, and Odessa, and another arrow pointing to the United States of America.

Woman: The serpent has not yet brought its evil near our countries, then.

Fares: No. All the serpent's twisting and coiling are so that ultimately the serpent's head will swallow up our countries.

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