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Aug 15, 2004
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Excerpts from the Deliberations of the Iraqi National Conference

#205 | 02:03
Source: Al-Iraqiya TV (Iraq)

The following are excerpts from the deliberations of the Iraqi National Conference:

Participant: Mr. Chairman, the human rights document does not mention the genocidal acts against the Kurdish people, beginning with the Al-Anfal operation, to which 180,000 Kurds fell victim and ending with the victims of the chemical bombings in Halabja. We demand to investigate what happened to 81,000 missing people. We also demand that the German government compensate the families of chemical bombings victims. It must compensate their relatives. Thank you.

Participant: In Iraq, there are victims of fascism. In Iraq, crimes were committed in the North, center, and South. We are talking about despicable crimes. Iraq is today paying, out of its budget, compensation to the Kuwaitis who are considered the victims of Saddam Hussein and whose sacrifice is a walk in the park compared to ours. On the other hand, no compensation is paid to the Iraqi people. Mr. Chairman, is this conceivable? We demand that a committee be formed to compensate the Iraqi people, the victims of fascism among the Iraqi people.

A foundation must be established. Why is the Iraqi people's money paid out to foreign countries and not to the Iraqis? Are they not victims? Were not Iraqi cities completely destroyed? In Halabja, in Samawa, in Al-Nasiriyah, in all the cities of Iraq? Why are they not being compensated? There are martyrs. Who remembers the martyrs of Iraq? Who remembers the victims of Saddam Hussein? Kuwait is being compensated with billions and the government agrees to this but does not discuss compensating the Iraqi people. Thank you Mr. Chairman.

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