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May 21, 2024
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Egyptian TV Host Qaswaa Al-Khalali Responds To MEMRI TV Clip: They Said That The Egyptians Hate Zionists And Israel – What Do They Expect Me To Say About Israel? Why Should We Like Them?

#11126 | 02:25
Source: CBC TV (Egypt)

Egyptian TV host Qaswaa Al-Khalali responded in a May 21, 2024 monologue on her show on CBC TV (Egypt) to a MEMRITV clip, in which she called for Egyptians to teach their children to hate Israel and the Zionists. She asked what MEMRI expected her to say, "that Israel is as sweet as chocolate?" Al-Khalali said that this video came at a time when the universities in Europe, America, and elsewhere "are teeming with people rejecting the Zionist actions."

Qaswaa Al-Khalali: "I was surprised that one of the oldest research institutes – a very famous institute that was founded in 1998 for Middle East [Media] Research... It is an American institute from Washington. They took what I said in the show and analyzed it. They said that this is Egyptian media, and conducted a detailed research about me, my show, and my rhetoric, and said that this rhetoric incited hatred of Zionism.

"They have no problem with the Palestinians dying. They just say that the Palestinians should die. We have recently saw the lies of the media and the world's objectivity and reliability. They picked what I said, at a time when the universities in Europe and America are teeming with people rejecting the Zionist actions... They picked my show and said that this is the voice of the Egyptians and their media, and they are anti-Zionists, hate Zionism and Israel, and incite hatred of Israel. They made a big story about me at MEMRI, and analyzed my talk, and said that TV Host Qaswaa Al-Khalali is this and that...

"Am I supposed to say, under these circumstances, that Israel is as sweet as chocolate? What do they expect me to say?


"This became even more comical, when their account on the social media platforms searched for my official account, and mentioned me in the post. There... @kaswaelkhelaly, and mentioned me in the post. There... @kaswaelkhelaly. They made my account familiar to people who oppose any attack on Zionism, so that these people turn to my account. As a result, I received a handful of [attacks].


"The most senior people from America, Europe, and Israel started cursing me, and said that this is the Egyptian media, and Sisi's media, and so on... As if I committed a crime.


"They said: 'These are the Egyptians and they hate the Zionists...' Yes. Why should we like them?"

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