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Jan 10, 2015
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Egyptian TV Host Mostafa Sherdy on France Terror Attacks: We Told You So, Britain and Germany Are Next

#4712 | 02:37
Source: Mehwar TV (Egypt)

In an address on the Egyptian Mehwar TV channel on January 10, 2015, Egyptian TV host Mohamed Mostafa Sherdy said: "You will see what happened in France happening in London as well. You will see this in Germany and everywhere."

Mohamed Mostafa Sherdy: "We all saw what happened in France. We saw all the details. We witnessed everything in these two days - Europe did not sleep. Obama did not sleep. Nobody slept. But what about what was happening here day in and day out? None of you has come to extend condolences and say: We are sorry that you suffer from terrorism. Today you had just a small sip from the bitter goblet, from which we have been drinking every day for over a year.


"Any one of the Arab leaders should have publicly said what I am saying. Just like everybody extended their condolences to France, and just like everybody condemned the attacks... Obama made statements three or four times that night, and all of America has been dealing with this for 3-4 days... Our leaders should have made public statements. They should have held press conferences and said: This is the terrorism we warned you about. This is the terrorism that we told you would reach you. This is the terrorism that you helped to spread. This is the terrorism that you were trying to support. That is terrorism. We are not gloating. our hearts go out to you. Just like you have people who are suffering now, we have hundreds who have been suffering every day and every week for a long time. Yet all you care about is ISIS, which you call 'the Islamic State,' even though it has nothing to do with Islam.


"You have been raising these people in your midst, providing them with capabilities. Do you really think that the (Jihadists) of Britain will refrain from attacking London? I would like to say to the British: Beware! Beware! You will see what happened in France happening in London as well. You will see this in Germany and everywhere. I am not saying that you should beat up any bearded man you run into. What I am saying is that it was you who raised them, taught them, trained them, armed them, financed them, and made other countries finance them as well. You and your intelligence agencies know this full well. You all know this. You have caused all of this, and you did not heed our warnings, and so you will pay the price."


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