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Mar 29, 2015
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Egyptian TV Host Ibrahim Issa: Don't Expect Saudi Arabia to Combat the Ideologies of Darkness

#4861 | 01:23
Source: ON TV (Egypt)

On his show on the Egyptian ON TV channel, Ibrahim Issa asked incredulously how Saudi Arabia, which forbids women from driving, could possibly confront extremism, terrorism, and the ideologies of darkness. Following his remarks, which aired on March 29, and the media uproar that ensued, ON TV apologized for Issa's criticism, and the MBC channel, where Issa had another show, took the program off the air, claiming that it was substandard.

Following are excerpts:

Ibrahim Issa: The Saudi foreign minister said that Putin is providing Assad's regime with weapons with which to kill his own people. That happens to be the truth, I believe. But what is also true is that Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar are providing arms to the opposition, which is killing the Syrian people. Half truths are lies.


Arab League Secretary-General Dr. Nabil Al-Arabi asked the official religious institutions to confront the ideologies of darkness. What institutions exactly do you expect to confront these ideas? The official religious institution of Saudi, Arabia, for instance? The same people who still believe that the Earth is flat?! Will they confront these ideologies of darkness with the fatwas of Bin Baz?


He expects an official religious institution that forbids women from driving to confront extremism, terrorism, and the ideologies of darkness?!


We are witnessing a catastrophe. Who will solve it? Them?! Are you serious?!


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