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Jun 03, 2019
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Egyptian TV Host Ibrahim Eissa: Wahhabi Revival of Salafi Islam Has Put Western Muslims in "Ghetto" of Seeing Conspiracy Theories as Quranic Doctrine

#7295 | 02:36
Source: Al-Hurra TV (The U.S.)

Egyptian TV host Ibrahim Eissa said in a June 3, 2019 show on Al-Hurra TV (U.S.) that the rapid growth of Islam likely makes Salafi Muslims very "happy" and "proud," but he criticized the "mental, psychological or physical ghetto" that he said many of the Muslims in the West are in today. In order to illustrate his point, Eissa showed a segment from a TV interview in which Salafi Sheikh Muhammad Hassan said that conspiracy theories about everlasting war between Muslims and non-Muslims – namely Jews and Christians – are a "Quranic doctrine." Eissa claimed that most Muslims agree with Sheikh Hassan because the Salafis have had control over Muslims' minds since what he called the "Wahhabi revival." Eissa added that this "revival," which he said has "flooded" humanity, was funded and exported by petrodollars.

Ibrahim Eissa: "According to a British study published by St. Mary University in 2017, Islam may become the largest religion in the world by 2075. This makes the Salafis very happy. They are very proud of this. But is it quantity that matters, or active contribution to the building of human civilization? Of course there are Arab and non-Arab Muslim geniuses in the Western world, but a significant part of the Muslims who live in the West today are in a mental, psychological, or physical 'ghetto' – or all three together."


Interviewer On Monitor In Studio: "Do you believe in conspiracy theories or not?"

Salafi Sheikh Muhammad Hassan On In-Studio Monitor: "Yes, of course. This is a Quranic doctrine. Allah has informed us that war will continue to be declared on Islam until Allah 'will inherit the Earth and whoever is on it.' Allah said: 'And never will the Jews or the Christians approve of you until you follow their religion.'"

Ibrahim Eissa: "The Salafi Sheikh Muhammad Hassan believes that the conspiracy theory and the war against Islam constitute a Quranic doctrine. He interpreted the verse 'And never will the Jews or the Christians approve of you until you follow their religion,' as if it means an everlasting religious war. By the way, this is open to any interpretation and explanation. But the amazing thing is that what this man is saying is actually what most Salafi Muslims believe – or most Muslims, not just Salafis – as a result of the Salafis' control over the minds of the Muslims, since the onset of the so-called 'Islamic revival.' In fact, this is a Wahhabi revival, funded and exported by petrodollars. It has flooded the entire world and humanity as a whole, including Europe and the West."

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