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May 14, 2009
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Egyptian Psychologist Dr. Wafa Musa: The Jews Deserved Their Annihilation by Hitler

#2128 | 03:03
Source: Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas/Gaza)

Following are excerpts from a Hamas TV women's show, which aired on May 14, 2009:

Egyptian psychologist Dr. Wafa Musa: The terrorist psychology of the Jews derives only from their love of money. The only god or religion of the Jews is money – not the Jewish religion or the dream of the so-called Greater Israel. This is a lie they tell themselves.


I always ask myself: Why did Hitler annihilate the Zionists or the Jews? By character, they definitely deserve this. This is why they suffered this massacre or annihilation, and so, they adopt the [Nazi] character, and project it onto the Palestinian people.


Kifah Al-Ramali, Gaza Islamic University: The killing of Palestinian women, and women in general, by the Jews is not a random thing. Rather, it is their ideology, which is taught to their children in their curricula. It is mentioned in the books of the Torah. I will present some short samples, although their books are full of this. For instance, the greatest Jewish scholar, on whom they completely rely, Maimonides, wrote in his book that the Jews have the right to rape non-believing women. By non-believing, he meant non-Jewish.


Mother of quintuplets born in Gaza: The first I named Isma'il Haniya, and the second Khaled Mash'al. The third is Mahmoud Al-Zahar. And the girls are Fatima Al-Najjar and Maryam Farahat. God has given me this grace, which I consider a miracle. No matter how many martyrs we lose, we will continue to give birth to Palestinian heroes, who will grow to be fighters, Allah willing. I hope I will raise them well, Allah willing, that they will serve as a role model for the people, and that they will be well-educated. I hope that they will be... I present them as a gift to the country and to Islam. They are afraid that we will bear children, who will grow to be fighters. This is what they fear.

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