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Jul 07, 2004
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Egyptian Opposition Politician: Strawberries Out, Human Bombs In

#147 | 01:50
Source: Al-Majd TV (Saudi Arabia)

Dr. Magdi Qurqur Deputy Secretary General of the Egyptian Labor Party was interviewed by the UAE religious channel, Al-Majd TV, and spoke about suicide bombings. The following are excerpts:

Dr. Qurqur: In developing our survivability, we want wheat rather than strawberries, cantaloupes, and cucumbers. Similarly, in developing our survivability, we do not want Phantoms, Mirages, or other airplanes, but we invented the stone, the human bombs, and the Katyusha missiles, which dragged the Zionist entity and America in the mud.

Moderator: But for credibility's sake, Dr. Magdi, the Katyusha missiles and human bombs have limited function and in specific circumstances.

Dr. Qurqur: Katyusha missiles liberated Southern Lebanon. Two human bombs in Tel-Aviv succeeded in gathering 24 countries within 48 hours at the Sharm Al-Sheik summit. These operations and these innovations, which originated in our society, I think that... Had we not forsaken our Palestinian brothers, we would have had greater achievments.

I will give you an example. The American forces which invaded Iraq came to steal the Iraqi oil so they could lay the oil pipeline to the Haifa port in Occupied Palestine. They did this in order to steal the oil for $6 a barrel, produce it in the Zionist entity for $200, and export it to Europe, thus filling the Zionist treasury. The Iraqi resistance attacked the oil pipeline, forcing President Bush to call upon Congress to rescue him with 180 billion dollars. Hence, resistance is possible, and America is not the giant that cannot be resisted. We can resist it using our simple inventions. We are a living nation, otherwise the enemies would not have attacked us.

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