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Dec 11, 2018
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Egyptian MB TV Host Mohammed Nasser: The Jews Used to Be Seen as Despicable Big-Nosed Outcasts, but Through Cinema They Replaced This Image with Arabs

#6907 | 03:53
Source: Mekameleen TV (Egypt Muslim Brotherhood from Turkey)

During a show on the Turkey-based Muslim Brotherhood's Mekameleen TV, Egyptian TV host Mohammed Nasser said that until the advent of cinema, the Jews were the outcasts of the world and had an image of being despicable, stinky, greedy, miserly, shabby-clothed, and big-nosed. He used the example of Shylock from Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice, who demanded a piece of flesh from a man who could not pay back his loan. Nasser said that through cinema, the Jews were able to replace that image with the image of Muslims and Arabs. He also explained that in the 1930s, seven out of the eight movie companies were owned by Jews. The show aired on December 11, 2018.

Following are excerpts:


Mohammed Nasser: Until 1895, the Jews were the outcasts of the world. From ancient history until the invention of cinema, the Jews were outcasts to an extreme degree. Perhaps the best example of this is the story of The Merchant of Venice, written by Shakespeare, the best drama writer. That man wrote The Merchant of Venice, which tells the story of Shylock, the Jewish merchant. A man with financial difficulties turned to Shylock for a loan. Shylock said to him that if he cannot pay him back or if he fails to pay on time, he will take a piece of the man's flesh. Indeed, the man who borrowed the money could not pay back the loan. They took the matter to court, and Shylock the Jew said he wanted a pound of the man's flesh. The image of the Jew in the literature and cinema of all societies was that of a despicable outcast with a big nose and [shabby] clothes. When cinema was invented, this image changed completely, and the Muslims – the Arabs to be exact – took the place of the Jews. Christian or Muslim, it doesn't matter. Even the Christians are part of it. So the Arabs and the Muslims took the place of the Jews. It got to the point that Albert Einstein said something very important in 1950. He said: “The rulers of this country will not stop the wars, and if they get rid of the Soviets and Communists, they will turn to the Arabs, the Muslims, or the Japanese.” Einstein said this, and he was Jewish, of course.




Seven out of the eight movie companies in the 1930s were Jewish. Imagine that! Seven out of eight movie companies in the 1930s were Jewish. If you want to know their names, I can give them to you. I take this information from studies. I didn't invent anything. Get this: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer is owned by the Jewish Mayer family and was headed by Kirk Kerkorian and Frank Mancuso, who are Jews. Warner Brothers is owned by the two Warner brothers, and is headed by two Jews – one is called Levin and the other is called Steven Ross. Do you know what Warner Brothers has produced? Catastrophes. There is an MGM cinema everywhere in the world, even here in Egypt. This company's movies start with a lion. It belongs to Jews. Warner Brothers has produced catastrophic movies. Take, for example, Cleopatra, starring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Universal Pictures is totally under Jewish control. It is headed by Sidney Sheinberg and Thomas Pollock, who are also Jews. Columbia Pictures was bought by Jon Peters and Peter Guber, who are Jews.




[The Jews] were able to accomplish a great thing: They removed the image of the outcast, stinky, greedy, and miserly Jew, and replaced it with the image of the Arab.

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