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Jan 08, 2017
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Egyptian MP and TV Host Sa'id Hassassin: Perpetrator of Jerusalem Truck Attack Is a Hero

#5833 | 01:11
Source: Assema TV (Egypt)

Following the January 8 truck attack in Jerusalem, in which four soldiers were killed, Egyptian MP and TV host Sa'id Hassassin praised the perpetrator, Fadi al-Qanbar, saying: "By Allah, you're the man!" Speaking on his Al-Assema TV show, he exclaimed: "By God, he's a hero."

Sa'id Hassassin: "Our next item is about the [truck attack] incident that took place this morning and caused the killing of four Israeli soldiers and the wounding of 18 others. This was a vehicular operation in the Armon Ha-Natsiv settlement, in Jabel Mukaber, in occupied Jerusalem. This vehicular operation occurred when the soldiers were waiting for their bus. All of a sudden, a speeding truck appeared and ran over dozens of them."




"[The attacker] had been in an [Israeli] prison. He got out, took his truck, and ran them over, killing four. By Allah, Fadi, you're the man! Allah's mercy upon you. After they tortured him in prison, he got out and took his revenge. He's a hero. By God, he's a hero."

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