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Dec 02, 2004
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Egyptian Intellectual Mahmoud Ahmad Shoq Presents: The Nano, the Kantaka, the Macdana, the Paspasa, and the Cowkala

#428 | 01:15
Source: Iqra TV (Saudi Arabia)

The following are excerpts from an interview with Mahmoud Ahmad Shoq, former advisor to the president of the Union of Islamic Universities:

Mahmoud Ahmad Shoq: Did you know that there is currently research about something called "nano"? This Nano is a robot that rebuilds itself. If you break it, it rebuilds itself. Do we know anything about this? Did you know that there is research humans, about their brains, so they could learn while sleeping? The problem is how to differentiate between the knowledge that is instilled in the brain and dreams.

We must liberate young minds from the "Kantaka," the "Macdana," the "Paspasa," and from the "Cowcala." What are these? "Kantaka" is from Kentucky [Fried Chicken], "Macdana" from McDonalds, "Paspasa" from Pepsi, and "Cowcala" from Coca-Cola.

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