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Jun 23, 2020
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Egyptian Security Expert Gen. Mahmoud Mansour: Use Of Military Force against Ethiopia – Only As Final Recourse; We Will Wait For The Dam To Collapse So We Can Demand Reparations For The Drowning Of Egypt And Sudan

#8111 | 02:35
Source: Alhadath Alyoum TV (Egypt)

In a June 23, 2020 interview on Al-Hadath Al-Youm TV (Egypt), Egyptian General Mahmoud Mansour, the President of the Arab Association for Strategic Studies, discussed his views of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. He criticized the construction of the dam, asking if Ethiopia is willing to kill 105 million people who live off the waters of the Nile for the sake of its own growth. General Mansour, who is presented online as the founder to the Qatari intelligence agency, said that the Ethiopians can only dream of Egypt bombing the dam, because the Egyptians prefer to wait for the dam's collapse due to an earthquake so that they can demand reparations along with Sudan.

Host: "How do you view the stubbornness of the Ethiopians with regard to the Grand Renaissance Dam?


Mahmoud Mansour: "It is not funny. Rather, it is sad that the rulers of Ethiopia do not understand the reality surrounding them to the point of considering to kill us by denying us drinking water.


"For the sake of [growth], they are willing to kill all of Egypt. 105 million people drink water from the Nile and use it to irrigate their fields. Are [the Ethiopians] capable of thinking? Don't they use reason? They are putting themselves in a grave situation. Their ability to face Egypt is very limited.


"In countries that think about things strategically, military force is used as a final option. If we get to the point where they deny us our drinking water or to irrigate our crops, that's when military force will be used. If they dream of us bombing the dam for them, they can dream on. They can keep it until there's an earthquake, or until the pressure of the water causes the ground beneath it to shift, and the dam collapses. Then, Egypt and Sudan will demand reparations for the destruction caused by the faulty construction of the dam, which on top of this, was built in the wrong place. We will hound Ethiopia until Judgement Day demanding compensation for the drowning of Sudan and Egypt. We know where and how to apply military pressure."

Host: "So we should wait until we drown so we can demand reparations?"

Mansour: "No. We won't wait to be drowned. Some things cannot be discussed on TV. We won't repeat the same mistakes made by the backward, now dead, [Morsi]. He sat there in a meeting that was broadcast on live TV and said that we would send planes [to bomb the Ethiopian dam], and similar things. Egypt knows how to operate, from A to Z. 'Z' is the use of military force, which is the final measure."

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