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Jan 10, 2015
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Egyptian Cleric Mostafa Al-Adwy on Charlie Hebdo Terror Attack: By God, We Are Happy

#4707 | 01:09
Source: Online Platforms

In response to the Charlie Hebdo terror attack in Paris, Egyptian cleric Mostafa Al-Adwy said: "Even though the whole world is crying about what happened to them, we are happy, by God." Al-Adwy, who is a frequent contributor on Egyptian Islamic TV channels, said that it was Allah's punishment for those who mock the Prophet Muhammad. The video clip was posted on Al-Adwy's website as a private video on January 10, 2015, as well as on YouTube.

Following are excerpts:

Mostafa Al-Adwy: People mocked the prophets of Allah, but the mockers were punished by Allah for their mockery. It is just like what happened now [in France], Allah be praised. Those who mocked our Prophet Muhammad... Even though the whole world is crying about what happened to them, we are happy, by God. We are happy that Allah wreaked vengeance upon the mockers of our Prophet Muhammad.


Those who mocked the Prophet Muhammad have met their deaths, but [their punishment] is not limited to this world. Allah has in store a much harsher punishment for those who humiliated the Prophet Muhammad or waged war on him.


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