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May 04, 2017
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Egyptian Cleric: Jews Too Cowardly to Confront Perpetrators of the Holocaust

#6028 | 01:48
Source: Channel 9/Qanat TV (Turkey)

Egyptian cleric Dr. Muhammad Hesham Ragheb said that throughout history, the Jews have disavowed and betrayed their agreements, and that they "spread corruption, killings, and banishment upon [Muslim] land," although they are "too cowardly" to confront the people who perpetrated the Holocaust. He was speaking on Channel 9, a Muslims Brotherhood-affiliated TV station broadcasting from Turkey, on May 4.


Dr. Muhammad Hesham Ragheb: "(The Jews) base their positions on power, not on justice. They replace justice with power. They way matters according to power. If power is on their side, they act in tyranny and oppression, and we have all seen what they did in Palestine and elsewhere. But if power is on the other side, they become submissive and humiliated. We see this now. I saw yesterday, on the news, that they had a commemoration day for the Holocaust and held ceremonies and so on. They held these ceremonies in Europe. When you see this, it makes you wonder: how can you commemorate (the Holocaust) with the people who perpetrated it?! You are too cowardly to confront them. It's true that they took some money, but these are the people who perpetrated the Holocaust! Then you moved (to the land of) the Muslims, who have not harmed you for many centuries, yet you spread corruption, killings, and banishment upon their land. This is what the Jews are like.




"They disavow and betray the agreements they make. This has been their custom throughout history. Nobody should believe any promise they make."

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