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Oct 14, 2023
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Egyptian-American Political Analyst Magdi Khalil: Hamas Is An ISIS-Like Terrorist Organization That Uses Palestinian Civilians As Human Shields While Its Fighters Hide In Underground Tunnels

#10548 | 03:51
Source: Russia Today TV (Russia)

Egyptian-American political analyst Magdi Khalil said in an October 14, 2023 show on Russia Today TV that Hamas is a terrorist organization similar to ISIS, while Israel does its utmost to protect Gaza civilians. He said that Hamas uses Gaza's civilians as human shields, living in building above ground, while its fighters and leadership take up hundreds of km of tunnels underground. Khalil said that it is necessary to evacuate the civilians in Gaza in order to allow Israel access to the underground tunnels. He stated that Israel cares more about the welfare of Civilians than Russia or Iran.

Magdi Khalil: "The Hamas militia is hiding behind human shields in Gaza. Civilians were called to leave places where Hamas is present. Gaza consists of two levels: The people are above ground and the Hamas fighter are underground. In 2021, Israel said that it destroyed 100 kms of tunnels. Hamas was quick to respond, saying that they had built 500 kms of tunnels.

"What is the meaning of 500 kms of tunnels in a 360-sqaure-kilometer area? This means that there is a tunnel under every square inch in Gaza, and there is an entire city in which the militants live, protecting themselves with the human shields, in places teeming with civilians, in hospitals, schools, and media centers. Underneath all this, there are fighters who hide and who kill.

"So there is no solution other than... If I am trying to think about it strategically and be neutral, then I would say that the population density in these areas must be reduced to minimum, so it is possible to move in and strike underground. You must evacuate the people above the ground, so that they are not harmed in any way, and so you can isolate the militants who are underground. This is all there is to it.


"It has been said that Hamas are terrorists. I have to agree. It is a terrorist organization that carried out a terrorist attack. What can you do with it? Are you going to send it flowers? It is a terrorist organization that took hostages. What do you to do with it? You tell the civilians to leave that area, so we can attack that terrorist organization. This is the logical thing to do, anywhere.


"Isn't there supposed to be a government in Gaza that is responsible for it? The government in Gaza, Hamas, that is supposed to be responsible for its people – does not care about the people there. UNRWA and 30-40 international humanitarian organizations are the ones providing the people of Gaza food, water, education, healthcare, and doing everything for them.

"And what about Hamas? All they do is take money and spend it on their leaders, or use the money to buy weapons. One would expect that they spend the money on the people. This is not happening. We are talking about a terrorist organization that is similar, and maybe even identical to ISIS.


"Civilians are the victims in every war. If Israel wanted to kill a million people in Gaza, it could very easily do so. Despite this, it warns them once, twice, three times. Do you know why? Because caring for the lives of civilians is the most important aspect of Israel's reputation. It takes the civilians into account more than you or Iran do. Iran wants Israel to kill civilians. Hamas wants Israel to kill civilians. The Arabs want Israel to kill civilians so they can shriek and whine. Israel does not want to kill civilians. Sadly, civilians are the victims of wars."

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