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Dec 06, 2008
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Egyptian Actor Muhammad Subhi: SARS - A Weapon in U.S. Genetic Warfare; I Respect Saddam

#2001 | 03:01
Source: NBN TV (Lebanon)

Following are excerpts of an interview with Egyptian actor Muhammad Subhi, which aired on NBN TV on December 6, 2008. Muhammad Subhi starred in the 2002 antisemitic Ramadhan TV series “Knight without a Horse” (see MEMRI TV clip no. 934, http://www.memritv.org/clip/en/934.htm).

Muhammad Subhi: I have attended long lectures in order to understand the science of genetics. This is the most modern field of science in the world, and much has been said about the use of this science as a weapon – a weapon worse than WMDs and the nuclear bomb. The Americans have been experimenting with this weapon for a while now, and they have achieved terrifying results. They started with SARS, which is a gene that carries a virus. It was meant to infect a specific race – the yellow race, to infect Asians only. When someone in Canada or England was infected, the whole issue calmed down, nobody remembers SARS, and another disease surfaced. If they want to annihilate a specific people or race, they release into the air a virus that carries the gene of that people.


My courage is manifest in my support of the Iraqi people, regardless of who rules it. The whole world used to kiss, embrace, and honor its ruler [Saddam], but once he was caught, they all cursed him. This is a form of genuine cowardice, because their opinion of him as a ruler changed once he was caught, while my opinion of Saddam, before and after his death, remained the same: I respect this man, regardless of the crimes he committed against his people. Let his people settle the score with him. He was a safety valve preventing the entry of the American enemy. Some would like to say that he was the one who brought the Americans in. No. Iraq would have been conquered one way or the other – if not from the Nile to the Euphrates, then from the Euphrates to the Nile.

Interviewer: Mr. Subhi, I don’t want to comment on what you are saying. All we can do is hope that this will not happen.

Muhammad Subhi: Some people believe in conspiracy theories, while others do not. Even though I respect other people’s opinions, there is indeed a conspiracy against our Arab homeland. Under no circumstances will we let it become the “Middle East.” In all my shows, I teach our children and our youth not to fall into the trap and to avoid using the term “Middle East.” We are the “Great Arab Homeland.” Many people might say I am stupid, but I still adhere to pan-Arabism. This region will be saved only through pan-Arabism. The term “Middle East” supports the existence of a foreign body like Israel, whereas no “Israel” can exist within the “Great Arab Homeland.”

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