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Apr 08, 2018
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Egyptian TV Host Sayyed Ali Defends Al-Assad: Trump Is a Lunatic; Russia, Syria, Iran Kicked America’s Ass

#6514 | 01:38
Source: Alhadath Alyoum TV (Egypt)

Egyptian TV host Sayyed Ali criticized U.S. President Trump's condemnation of Bashar Al-Assad following the chemical attack in Douma. Calling Trump a "lunatic," an "extortionist," and a "gallant Pasha, who behaves like a bully at a cabaret," and criticizing his use of the term "animal" to describe Assad in a tweet, Ali said that there was "more honor in [Assad's] shoe" than in Trump. "Besides, Putin, Russia, and Iran, kicked your ass" in Syria, he added. He was speaking on Alhadath Alyoum TV on April 8.


Following is a transcript:

Sayyed Ali: Trump the lunatic, the bully and extortionist who blackmails countries, called Bashar Al-Assad an “animal” and threatened Russia and Iran.


This gallant Pasha, who behaves like a bully at a cabaret, was involved in pornography, in sex magazines, and all that stuff. He never imagined that he would become the leader of the United States. Whether or not you agree with Bashar Al-Assad, he remained in his country, when you brought 46 countries to launch strikes against him, including some Arab countries. He has remained steadfast despite everything you have been doing to him. He is not an animal. Those who attack him are even more base than animals. There is more honor in his shoe than in you, because he defends his country and its land. You, on the other hand, are a despicable aggressor, a lowlife, and an animal. It is you who came from America to strike him. Were you sent by divine providence, or what? Yet it is you who calls others “animals.” No, sir!

Besides, Putin, Russia, and Iran kicked your ass. In Syria, Putin, Russia, and Iran kicked America’s ass. They kicked the coalition’s ass and won.


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