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Jan 24, 2005
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Discussion on Wife-Beating: Ten Toothpick Blows Do Not Cause Much Pain

#509 | 01:40
Source: Al-Iraqiya TV (Iraq)

The following are excerpts from a discussion on wife-beating on Al-'Iraqiya TV (Iraq). The program was aired on January 24, 2005:

Sheik Khaled Al-Ghundi Islamic Preacher: I say that a woman who agrees to be beaten by her husband does not deserve to live. A woman who agrees to beatings… And I'll tell you something else. I interpret the verse, according to the Arab language – and this has been said by religious authorities - the word "beat," in the verse, does not mean beating like this.

Interviewer: Not even like this?.

Sheik Khaled Al-Ghundi: No. "Beat them" means to leave the house. Because later the verse says: "Send them to beds apart." The word "beating" has 17 different meanings in the Koran.

Interviewer: You claim "beating" could mean… okay.

Sheik Khaled Al-Ghundi: "When ye go forth in the land," is one example.

Interviewer: So, in the Arabic language, the word doesn't mean actual "beatings."

Sheik Khaled Al-Ghundi: The woman has been oppressed in the name of Koranic verses.

Sheik Sahl Yassin, Islamic preacher: Beatings are used as a last therapeutic resort. Even then, beatings must observe certain restrictions. it is as if Islam is saying to you: "Don't beat." You can understand it this way, since Islam is telling you: "Beatings are your last resort." Then came the Prophet Muhammad, who says: "No, beatings are not suitable…" Some religious authorities have said about beatings: "He should strike her with his fist." Like this… That's what beatings are. Others have said: "He should beat her with a toothpick." Others have said this doesn't mean an actual toothpick, but that the rod should be as long and as thick as a toothpick, In other words, no longer than this… like a straw or something… Some of them said there should not be more than ten blows. If you beat, then do it with a toothpick, and no more than ten… You tell me, how much pain can be caused by ten blows with a toothpick?!

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